This guy sometimes pets cats in random bookstores.  And he just happens to have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer, in 2015.  Instead of chemo, he chose a MUCH more hopeful path of solid nutrition and holistic alternative treatments.  And it’s working!

Pants Cancer Journey…natural treatments for the win!

Because of Pants’ issues, we started a serious natural health journey in 2015,  and since then, it’s like a whole new world opened up, Lol – we are learning so much about how to help our bodies actually heal THEMSELVES! Here’s a bunch of posts about natural health:

Natural Health

Healthy Eating 101  (Where to start!)

Natural Dentistry


How To Do a Coffee EnemaI still can’t believe I even did one!


And here are some cancer resources that we have found SO hopeful and helpful:


Chris Wark is a major source in changing the face of cancer in America.  He is a young guy who cured himself of cancer using nutrition-based methods instead of chemotherapy.  His website is a HUGE resource – lots of interviews with people in the medical field, tons of facts about the dangers of chemo, as well as stories about everyday people getting true healing.  Start Here! Or download his ’20 questions to ask your oncologist’.

Never Fear Cancer Again by Raymond Francis

This is THE book that Pants always recommends, written by a chemist who explains the science behind chronic disease/cancer.


Kris Carr’s books/website are really good at explaining how food and the body work together to promote natural healing.  She has SUCH a positive attitude toward cancer!  She was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ liver cancer in her twenties, and has become a HUGE advocate of how diet and lifestyle changed her life.  Also, she’s been on Oprah, so… ;)