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I come from a long line of hot lunch.

What’s happening around here…

When you totally nerd out over finding the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe…
What?  You don’t bake 5 batches of different doughs all at once and then lay them out on labeled foil to compare?  Whatevs…

Sometimes I babysit the neighbor kids, but they seem to prefer hanging with Shark and Pants…hmm…

So in April I cut my hair.  It was getting long (for me), buuuut…Even though it was pretty, it was kind of weighing me down, and I needed a little fresh start (I had a rough Jan-March).  Here I was, pre-cut, rocking my longer ‘Type 4’ hair:

See how severe it made me look if I wore it really straight (which I do a lot) though?

BUT…Since I’m *actually* a Type 1, I feel like having hair a little shorter/with more movement suits me better for now, maybe brightens me up (and makes me look younger, Lol):

I’m still gonna let it grow out over the summer again, but maybe do something a little different so it doesn’t seem quite as harsh?  Who knows.  I kind of like mixing it up sometimes!

** The ‘Types’ I refer to are from Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth system.  I talked about it a little bit here (when I thought I was a Type 4) and here (when I realized I was a Type 1).

Calamity Family · Clothes Hair Beauty

Catch up, throw up…


Guys.  I’m having a social media crisis!  Please tell me that’s a real thing, Lol.  I think I am gonna quit Facebook at the end of the year (I just HATE the format, sorry) but I still have my account open…I’m not sure if I should delete it or not.  And now I’m kind of over Instagram…I initially LOVED the format of being able to just put one picture up there and call it good, but lately it’s started to feel pressure-y or something, like every picture has to be great?

And it seems kind of nosy to me…like I put a picture online and in like, 5 seconds people are looking at it.  I really just want to document my life on there (ok, and also watch a few 30-second cake decorating videos…have you seen those?!), but maybe I’m too paranoid for it.

Life lately…  

So, the election.  Just kidding, not talking about that.  All I will say is that I was particularly passionate about this election, and I am NOT happy with the results.  But peace baby, no political talk here…

Meanwhile, Pants is hanging with this sweet gal in Chicago as I type this…

Luckies!  He had a quick day trip to Chicago, so he got to see our pal Malissa, who we loooove.  She’s pretty much in charge of all the millenials in Chicago…I think that’s her official job title, anyway ;)  Pants goes to Cali again in a couple days (he was just there a few weeks ago), and then we are going to Michigan in a couple weeks for a pseudo-Christmas with my fam before heading back here  for…actual Christmas.

Clothing-wise, I’ve been bootcutting it like CRAZY over here… but I still can’t give up skinnies totally, though…

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A psychic once told me that I’m psychic.


I’m a stay-at-home mom who…doesn’t really like to be home.  Is that normal?  I’m trying though.  Now that the kids are back in school, I want to camp firmly in ‘I’m a good homemaker!’ mode instead of the ‘I’m running around all day doing (semi) meaningless busy things or volunteering till I want to die’ mode.

I’ve always lived with the idea that every day is meaningful, so I’m trying to focus on nourishing my family (FOOD is like, #1 around here), running the house, letting the kids have new experiences, working on some personal (secret!) projects, but…also still giving myself time to re-watch Gilmore Girls for the fifth time during lunch if I feel like it ;)  Of course I feel like it…


I kind of like the concept of having a specific routine for the morning, afternoon, and evening.  We have an early morning routine we’ve done since school started, and it’s working really well.  Now I just need to hone my afternoon/evening routines a bit…what’s that quote?  ‘I adore spontaneity.  Providing it is carefully planned.’  Ha.  I don’t want to conform to some random routine though, so lately I’ve started writing down daily habits that I already do.  Mind blown.

Like, here’s our early weekday morning routine (when I’m pretty much on auto-pilot), it’s always the same:

  • get up at 6, wake Sky up (high school is so early!), then walk to the kitchen and do the terrible things – empty the dishwasher, make lunches, and oversee breakfast (ie, get it over with).
  • Then I get to drink coffee!  Yessss.  I take like a 1o minute little coffee break while I look over the plan for the day (I always have my planner *rightthere*), and maybe read for a few minutes.
  • The best part is when Sky is getting ready for school, Sharkey will wander down at EXACTLY 6:25am, he’s very precise, and ask for a cup of tea. It’s like living with an old English fellow. Pants does breakfast with Shark (usually) after awhile and I get ready after Sky leaves. (Easy because I wear the same basic uniform every day and never wash my hair…um…) 

Examples of my typical weekday ‘uniform’:  skinnies, boots, and layers.

If I have a few extra minutes, I’ll tidy up the downstairs, then it’s time to take the little guy to school…my goal is for both kiddos to go to school happy.  Oh, and then I actually ‘start’ my day ;)


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I don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.


Isn’t it weird how the nineties are back?  I wore a pair of mid-rise flare jeans on Sunday.  Probably the same exact ones I wore in 1995.  (Just to be clear, I *totally* called this trend like 2 years ago…)  I can’t get behind the modern culottes (ugh, I look terrible in billowy legs), although I did buy a jumpsuit this summer.

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a perilous coral dwarfing the sea

i haven’t worn more fitted dresses like this in a long time, mostly because they emphasizes the tummy, which was always my problem area.  it still is, but it’s not quite as noticeable now since i lost a few pounds.  i should probably do a post soon about my can’t-eat-anything-yummy-since-my-tummy-rebels-so-i-lost-some-weight syndrome…

pants said he liked the little collar detail.  i told him to cool it.  ok, seriously, what am i looking at?

Clothes Hair Beauty

when i was born i was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother.

my hair is sooo much easier now that it’s shorter, I can’t believe it…i let it air-dry while i make the kids lunches, then finger-comb/blowdry it through till it’s more straight at the top, then let it do it’s own little wing-y thing at the ends.  i love the look of curly hair, but i just don’t feel like it works on me, so i feel more comfortable straightening it a little bit.  oh, and sorry i don’t wear eye makeup (maybe mascara 1-2x a week) anymore or get my brows done.  i’m kind of into the boho/au naturale thing lately.  (that’s my code for ‘too lazy’.) 

here’s the side where you can see my farrah fawcett ‘wing’ in full force:

oh, and here’s my dirty little secret:  i cut it myself!  eek!!
now if i can just get those bangs to keep on growing out…they are definitely at the annoying stage!
Clothes Hair Beauty

red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous.

yeah, i know, longer is prettier.
but you know what’s better than pretty?


(sorry for the poor picture quality, i took this with my hundred-year-old phone.)

a big chop!  but now my hair only takes two minutes with a blowdryer, max.  and no more flat-iron!  if i want it straighter, i just comb it out with my fingers.  i’ll show you a picture of that tomorrow.  like i said, EASY.

 and  hey…i can still (kind of) ponytail it!  i chose not to take a picture today though, due to the fact that it might scare you.  mostly because the boys decided to wake up at 5:30am and i am so tired i can’t even put my makeup on.  thanks, boys, for not letting me sleep.  i definitely don’t need any extra rest while your dad is out of town for four days and i have to handle everything myself.  thanks again…

the new color…still a hint of red in the sun, but mostly just dark brown.

and a few token shots from earlier in the year while it was growing out…

this summer i went from a brighter red to a darker one…

and this is from september, about a week before i cut it.  somehow i got roped into playing lasertag with a bunch of ten-year-olds*.  (it.was.awesome.)

*side note: sharkey got to play lasertag with the ‘big boys’ too, and he was SOOO excited.  the guy running it MADE HIS DAY by telling shark (in front of everyone) that he was the best player, how he got the most guys out, etc.  totally built that little ego up so we could barely fit his swagger through the door!  but it was really sweet.

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wearing a cloak is on rose’s list of the thousand things she hates most.

lately i’ve been trying to dress with more attention to detail.  i don’t know why.  just to make things more interesting, i guess?  but i am still all about comfort first.  for example, here is a little knit dress with a cute side tie that i paired with tights and tennies one morning when it was cold:
and i looove the buttons on this skirt, so sailor-ish but really subtle:

i am starting to figure out how to wear skirts these days.  i still feel more comfortable in shorts or dresses, although i can’t seem to stop wearing weird little shrug sweaters over everything:

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boy, those french, they have a different word for everything.

so i’ve been trying to dress a little more french.  i mean, not like, in the mornings taking the kids to school, but later in the day when it actually matters.  or doesn’t really matter.  and yes, sometimes (many times) i can still be found in workout clothes at like, 3pm.  BUT.  i’m trying!

to sum it up in 3 seconds, dressing french is basically about wearing nicer clothes that create a slim sillouette.  practically speaking, that means lots of slim pants (mostly skinny jeans) or skirts; that ‘third layer’ (cardigan or blazer); the ubiquitous scarf.  no flip flops, no shorts.  minimal makeup and hair.  and wearing it all with lots of confidence.

the problem with dressing like the french when you are a stay-at-home mom who lives in a beachy california town, is that the casualness of your (my) lifestyle doesn’t quite fit with more dressy clothes.  also, in america there is so much color everywhere, where in france there is quite a bit more gray and black.  and sometimes it’s just plain hot out here in socal!  so i am trying to mix the cool french woman style with american girl casual fun.  i haven’t quite perfected it yet…