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What would we do without all our weird man-made landmarks.

random happenings…

Um…did you know you can iron your shirt pockets with your hair straightener?  #genius #lazy #hateironing

Doesn’t matter the size of the pool, the Shark’s always the first one in… the other day he spent like half in hour in our neighbor’s DOG’S pool, and we were only at another friend’s house for a matter of minutes before he was fully soaked in their little pool:

Someone get this kid a pet, stat…He’s been looking up dog shelters in the area online, all this kid wants is animals to snuggle.  #waitingforpantstoagree

This is an old pic/caption of Pants from a couple months ago that I put on Insta, but it’s fitting because apparently I’m a big copycat and I just got one of MY teeth pulled yesterday! (It had been a major issue for a long time.)  Unlike Pants though, I was put under for the whole thing…I’m no martyr…

So Pants had a root canal done six years ago, and instead of it fixing the prob, he actually developed a hidden infection/abscess underneath the tooth they worked on, which has been growing there the last six years. 😳 (This is actually kind of common, unfortunately.) It always was sort of bothering him, and now we can see it’s been part of his health issues as a whole. Last month he went to a great holistic dentist and got the whole tooth removed, and he feels AMAZING now, Lol. Be careful with your teeth, guys! Even root canals can be risky! Yikes!

So now I’m recouping and gonna keep on taking my combo of beef liver supplements (these are AMAZING for health!) and fermented cod liver/butter oil and tooth powder to help my teeth/overall health in general.


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I come from a long line of hot lunch.

What’s happening around here…

When you totally nerd out over finding the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe…
What?  You don’t bake 5 batches of different doughs all at once and then lay them out on labeled foil to compare?  Whatevs…

Sometimes I babysit the neighbor kids, but they seem to prefer hanging with Shark and Pants…hmm…

So in April I cut my hair.  It was getting long (for me), buuuut…Even though it was pretty, it was kind of weighing me down, and I needed a little fresh start (I had a rough Jan-March).  Here I was, pre-cut, rocking my longer ‘Type 4’ hair:

See how severe it made me look if I wore it really straight (which I do a lot) though?

BUT…Since I’m *actually* a Type 1, I feel like having hair a little shorter/with more movement suits me better for now, maybe brightens me up (and makes me look younger, Lol):

I’m still gonna let it grow out over the summer again, but maybe do something a little different so it doesn’t seem quite as harsh?  Who knows.  I kind of like mixing it up sometimes!

** The ‘Types’ I refer to are from Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth system.  I talked about it a little bit here (when I thought I was a Type 4) and here (when I realized I was a Type 1).

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It’s a creepy shop, he’s a creepy bloke.

I have NO idea how I used to be able to write a blog post almost every day, especially when the kids were little.  I can’t even find time to write like, once a month now!  Hmm…I could have a time management problem, Lol.  I blame the time of year – everyone keeps saying ‘the month of May is insane’ and…they are right.  Lotta this and that and hoopla and shenanigans and goings on his month.

Anyway, I just really wanted a place to put a bunch of pictures, so here’s a little photo heap of what’s been happening lately.  (Some of these might be Insta repeats, although I’m trying not to do that so much.)

Firepit time with the neighbors.


So we’ve been totally working on our yard, but unfortunately only our FRONT yard so far.  So of course we like to have the neighbors over to hang out in our overgrown horrible patchy jungle BACK yard instead.  Just keeping it real.  Firepit and s’mores (and more) burning away on Saturday nights between now and September, btw.  Come over anytime, dogs welcome too.  Even our unicorn teenager sometimes makes an appearance…


Pants loves kids.  ;)


I am finally getting kind of excited about summertime clothes! Although I kinda alternate between workout gear and real clothing, I do like to ‘get dressed’ every day for real, though.  I never feel good if I’m out and about wearing something I’m just ‘eh’ about.

Oh!  That reminds me – so…remember all that Dressing Your Truth stuff I talked about?  Um…I totally mistyped myself, Lol!  I always wavered between Type 4 and Type 1, and decided I was a 4.  And then had like, a month of being depressed about my clothes ;)  I’m a Type 1, with a strong 4 secondary.  The *second* I figured that out (and yeah, it took me forever, I think I was denying it actually – I feel like the ‘bright, fun’ energy of Type 1 can be perceived more as airhead-y, and I have a real issue with that), clothes became fun again, I felt ‘lighter’ and just…more relaxed.  I definitely have a LOT of Type 4 in me, and I LOVE more edgy clothes, but yeah, I’m a Type 1.  This needs to be a post all it’s own, so I’ll revisit it later, for sure!!  Read her book(s), it’s super interesting!

Even my workout pants need to be ‘fun’…

So, the Shark.  I’ve been sharing a bit more on Insta about him, he’s just such a ball of smarts and energy.  And yeah, I know I have another kid too ;)  but THAT ONE is 15 now and forbids me to ever talk about him or put his picture on the Internet, Lol.  So at least I can still write about the little guy.

I had this pic on Insta, but decided to put it here instead.  My caption was:  It’s normal to just wear a random piece of foam on your head, right?  The Shark only stops moving once in awhile, so I have to document it when it happens.  Currently he’s in the garage happily taking apart an old coffee maker… #inventor #busyguy #babyface #11yearsold

My kids are so funny.  The other day it started raining really hard when Shark had a friend over, so they came inside and he announced, ‘Well, that playdate’s a bust.’  (He was just kidding.)  We know this really over-enthusiastic lady, and the other day after talking to her he goes, ‘She acts so happy it’s unhealthy.’  Lol!

Sky will text me the MOST ridiculous memes…ya know, like in class during school:    

Ridiculous, so of course makes me laugh every time.  Anyway…more to come…I have lots of house pics to show too – and Pants just redid our pantry!  It’s sooo great, you guys.  We took the door off, painted the inside, and Pants made new wooden shelves that I love.  More pics soon!

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Eating Toast In Church.

What we’re up to, categorized…

What We’re Eating

Um guys, are we like vegetarians now?!  Not really, but we are eating so many yummy plant-based proteins and tons of veggies these days, and feeling better for it.  (Is there such a thing as a weekday vegetarian?  Oops scratch that, I just ate some chicken tonight…)

Juicing for days…Pants is still doing traditional juicing PLUS smoothies, and I’ve been drinking green smoothies.

My green smoothies are NOT fruit smoothies though, by the way.  They are a mix of greens and other vegetables and water with just a handful of frozen fruit in them for more antioxidants.  Sounds gross?  It is!  No just kidding, they actually taste pretty refreshing, just not sweet.  Fun fact:  I actually HATE fruit smoothies!  Who HATES smoothies?!  Why am I so weird, guys.  I do like eating fruit, though. I’m not really a fan of healthy ‘products’, but I did buy one of these Rebbl drinks as a treat for Pants.  We’ve just tried the turmeric kind though, since it’s only sweetened with honey and maybe a little stevia.  I’m unsure about some of the other kinds, I’ll have to check the ingredients.

I also found this organic brand of non-dry beans that is really yummy, clean, and not in a can: 

What We’re Doing

What am I doing?  Gettin’ my…we’ll say *crap*…together!  Especially in terms of how I look and feel.  Ooh, soon I’m going to do a big post about how I’m totally drinking the Kool-Aid with Dressing Your Truth, Lol – it’s basically figuring out your natural energy type (there are four of them) and dressing (living?) according to your type.  It sounds a little kooky, I know, but it actually makes perfect sense once you understand the concept.  I got the book out from the library and since I’m a YouTube junkie, watched a bunch of her videos too, and I find it SO interesting.  And honestly?  Finding out your (perceived) weaknesses are actually STRENGTHS? Gamechanger.  I’m a Type 4, btw.
(She also has a book called ‘The Child Whisperer’,  which I haven’t read yet, but it’s supposed to be really good for helping understand how to parent different types of kids.)


Speaking of looks (kind of), Sky’s now as tall as me.  Also still totally addicted to computers, the king of the quickest wit around, and just got back from winter camp with youth group.

He took this picture at camp, he’s amazing: 

We’re still recovering from Shark’s birthday sleepover last weekend, and he’s still obsessed with putting things in his bike spokes to make noise, drawing sweet pictures that aren’t violent at all, making us laugh with his funny voices, and watching Young Indiana Jones:

This was the picture he drew on top of his Valentine’s Day box. (!)  Umm…

What We’re Watching

Help!  I need a new show!  We recently watched Sneaky Pete, which we loved, and also Glitch, an eerie little 6-episode show from Australia.  In January we finally caught up on Silicon Valley, and we were trying to finish the third season of Halt and Catch Fire, but honestly I was really over that show after 1 1/2 seasons. But whatever.  Of course I watch Suits on repeat, it’s like my new Gilmore Girls, but with dudes ;)  Suggestions??

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Take a vacation…from your problems.

This is me, realizing I will NEVER have it together…

So I saw a friend in Target today, and as we walked away from our lovely little chat where I was spouting off about HEALTHY EATING and NUTRITION, I glanced in my cart and realized all I had in it was a bunch of junk food!  Lol.

It was a one-time thing, promise – frosted cookies for Shark to hand out to his class for his birthday tomorrow at school, and some candy and stuff for Sky to take to camp this weekend, that kind of thing.  I was kinda embarrassed though, since I’m always preaching ‘healthy’ over here ;)

But I’m definitely not a food dictator with our kids.  I don’t care about them having a treat after a good meal or candy at the movies or whatever.  Especially since most of our meals look like this:





Anyway.  For ME, though…I’ve actually decided to cut almost all  sweet treats out for awhile, which for me is a big deal.  I am gonna write a separate post about it, since it’s kind of involved.  I have some new habits I am exploring to fix some pretty specific health problems, there’s detoxing involved, and I haven’t had coffee in over 5 days.  Whaaaa?!  Stay tuned ;)

In other news… Birthdays!  Pants today, Shark tomorrow…

Peas.  Pod.

I’m gonna do a big ole’ health update on Pants, too…very very soon, like I’m hoping to get some writing time in the next few days.  You know how it is though…good intentions ;)

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And that’s why you always leave a note.


Apparently snow in Seattle means…the world as we know it stops ;)  Ok a bunch of snow pics are coming up, feel free to skip to the end of this post where I talk about REAL life-changing things, like…my hair and my current binge watch.

Hanging with the neighbors at our last snow day (early Feb):


It was a party, everyone was out…even those pesky inside cats Pants and Sky! Here’s a few random shots from (the 3 whole days) this month that it snowed:

Ah…a Norman Rockwell childhood…

bloody snowman, anyone? 

In other news…aka, what else do I have pictures of on my phone?  Lol.  I do have some hair selfies.  I feel weird putting selfies on Instagram though, I don’t know why.  So I’ll put a pic up for like a day and then take it down.  That’s normal, right? ;)    But I don’t mind putting them here since it’s my own blog, which is kind of like my little space.

I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot lately…thanks to copious watching of YouTube videos.  I think I still like The Small Things Blog best for hair updos.  Oh, and I started using this little guy:


You can read the info/reviews on Amazon.  I use it on my lashes and brows and cuticles, and also mix it with coconut oil to wash my face with.  (I wash my face like this:  massage 1 Tbsp coconut oil + a couple drops castor oil on face.  Hold a hot wet washcloth on face for 30 seconds to soften skin, then wipe everything off.  Sooo good for dry skin.  And takes off makeup really easily!) Oh my gosh, have you guys seen these super adorable little coconut oil packets at Trader Joe’s?!

Too cute.  Oh – and the ultimate question:  Are you watching Suits?  I’m finally all caught up, even though I like the early seasons the best.  Why do I love this show so much??

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Catch up, throw up…


Guys.  I’m having a social media crisis!  Please tell me that’s a real thing, Lol.  I think I am gonna quit Facebook at the end of the year (I just HATE the format, sorry) but I still have my account open…I’m not sure if I should delete it or not.  And now I’m kind of over Instagram…I initially LOVED the format of being able to just put one picture up there and call it good, but lately it’s started to feel pressure-y or something, like every picture has to be great?

And it seems kind of nosy to me…like I put a picture online and in like, 5 seconds people are looking at it.  I really just want to document my life on there (ok, and also watch a few 30-second cake decorating videos…have you seen those?!), but maybe I’m too paranoid for it.

Life lately…  

So, the election.  Just kidding, not talking about that.  All I will say is that I was particularly passionate about this election, and I am NOT happy with the results.  But peace baby, no political talk here…

Meanwhile, Pants is hanging with this sweet gal in Chicago as I type this…

Luckies!  He had a quick day trip to Chicago, so he got to see our pal Malissa, who we loooove.  She’s pretty much in charge of all the millenials in Chicago…I think that’s her official job title, anyway ;)  Pants goes to Cali again in a couple days (he was just there a few weeks ago), and then we are going to Michigan in a couple weeks for a pseudo-Christmas with my fam before heading back here  for…actual Christmas.

Clothing-wise, I’ve been bootcutting it like CRAZY over here… but I still can’t give up skinnies totally, though…

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Summertime Updates


Man, it’s hard to blog in the summertime!  I am just NOT motivated to be on a computer very much these days, except for some personal design stuff I’ve been doing.  Oh, and online shopping…Anyway, thought I’d do a little family update, although a lot of our daily happenings are already online – if you want to see all our family pictures and stuff, just click here if you aren’t on Instagram:    (Just click each picture to see the caption/comments.)

So…my baby just got home from Youth Group camp!  Ok, he’s 13.   But it was his first time away at camp! And he had a GREAT time (paintball, skateboarding, unlimited snack shack, the requisite Capture the Flag at night), and can’t wait to go again next year.  Me?  I was…very tear-y while he was gone!  I did NOT like the ‘not knowing what he was doing at all times’ aspect, LOL!  Like, was he eating? (Yes, twix bars and frappuccinos.) Did he change his clothes?  (Does sleeping in your bathing suit count?)  No, I am THRILLED that he loved it and had so much fun.  And also thrilled he is now back home under my eagle eye again!

On to the Shark…our little hockey dude lately:

We love our post-hockey snacks ;)

I will do a separate wrap-up post for all the other stuff going on with the kids…just too many pictures for one post!

Andy (Ok, seriously, I just canNOT call him that…henceforth we shall go back to referring to him as Pants) is doing well – his back is healing very quickly, although he still has trouble sitting and can’t reach down/carry ANYTHING.  But at least the walking-with-a-walker days are now behind us!  Not to make light of it, but pleeeaaase let me show a fun little montage of Pants with his walker…(But no hospital pictures – those were seriously pathetic!)

Along with his bone weakness from the multiple myeloma, Pants is also pretty thin right now.  He lost like, 20 pounds just from changing his diet, and then lost even more when he was in the hospital.  We are trying to fatten him up about ten or so pounds…which is tricky when he eats so clean!  But he is getting better and stronger every day, and has started a myeloma medication alongside the (many!) alternative treatments he is doing.  (We are hoping the natural treatments will help lessen the side effects, and so far they seem to be.)  Still a process, but slowly getting back to our ‘new’ normal.  He is feeling good and even back to driving and going to meetings out sometimes, just now trying to figure out how to take a computer and a bunch of heavy architectural plans with him without actually carrying them…he figured it out…

I will do a separate, more specific post next about some of the things he’s doing to get better.  I know, I promised that before…  But (excuses, excuses) these kids are so active, it’s been literally 90 degrees here for a month and a half, food prep here is NON-stop, and we are a little busy having a Gilmore Girls marathon every night, so… Also, real life keeps getting in the way (ie, I have a Trader Joe’s run to make before Sky’s orthodontist appointment in an hour), so time is a little limited here.  But the next post will (hopefully) be all about health!

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Perfect on Paper


So I kind of stopped blogging for awhile!  May has been sooo busy, and I just…haven’t felt like cramming blogging in AT ALL.  Especially since I kinda think blogging is pretty much dead ;)

I will do another family wrap-up on the blog though, in the next couple of days, since I like having a record of those.  Or you can catch our happenings on Instagram.  We’ve been having a lot of fun lately!  Well, except when our 9 year old decides to randomly yell at everyone for hours at a time…that’s normal, right? Shark is either being AMAZINGLY perfect and adorable, or a HUUUUGE stinker.  No in-betweens.  Gotta be ON MY GAME with this one.  (It’s tiring.)


So I have this obsession…with paper.  I always have.  I thought I  found the perfect paper planner a few months ago, but alas, I did not.  The paper is too…shiny-ish? And terrible to write on.  Also there just isn’t enough room for me to ‘script my days’ the way I like to.  Anyone even REMOTELY interested in daily planning/journaling/bettering your life ;) should check out this mom’s (who has EIGHT kids!) method.  It’s interesting, more about sprinkling your goals into daily life and ‘writing your story’ instead of just making a ‘to do’ list.  Her website has TOTALLY changed my planning.  And her youtube videos are really informational too.  I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole with youtube channels like inkwell press (this is probably the planner I SHOULD have gotten, LOL) and this one, too…I just looove art journaling and paper planning so much…So of course I decided to make my own planner from scratch, Lol.  Pants is SO over it, it’s like all I talk about now.  (It’s almost worse than my ‘should I-shouldn’t I’ coffee drinking discussions…)  I am using a specific digital program, and it’s been sooo fun making templates…ones that I print out way too many copies of (Pants also loves me doing this) and will most likely never even use since I always seem to just go back to a plain old notebook ;)  So please excuse my dining room table littered with homemade printables and every colored pen I own.

(spacing things out on graph paper)

I’m also waffling about getting a part-time job or not.  We have a LOT going on right now, plus the kids are out of school in like, 2 weeks, so I’m a little needed around here.  I was in talks about a job a few weeks ago, but it was full-time, and that just doesn’t work for us right now.  I did start doing a little personal organizing again for a friend though, so maybe I will just go in that direction and see what happens…or maybe I should just open a paper and coffee store ;)