What would we do without all our weird man-made landmarks.

random happenings…
Um…did you know you can iron your shirt pockets with your hair straightener?  #genius #lazy

Someone get this kid a pet, stat…He’s been looking up dog shelters in the area online, all this kid wants is animals to snuggle.  #waitingforpantstoagree

This is an old pic/caption of Pants from a couple months ago that I put on Insta, but it’s fitting because apparently I’m a big copycat and I just got one of MY teeth pulled yesterday! (It had been a major issue for a long time.)  Unlike Pants though, I was put under for the whole thing…I’m no martyr…

So Pants had a root canal done six years ago, and instead of it fixing the prob, he actually developed a hidden infection/abscess underneath the tooth they worked on, which has been growing there the last six years. 😳 (This is actually kind of common, unfortunately.) It always was sort of bothering him, and now we can see it’s been part of his health issues as a whole. Last month he went to a great holistic dentist and got the whole tooth removed, and he feels AMAZING now, Lol. Be careful with your teeth, guys! Even root canals can be risky! Yikes!

So now I’m recouping and gonna keep on taking my combo of beef liver supplements (these are AMAZING for health!) and fermented cod liver/butter oil and tooth powder to help my teeth/overall health in general.


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