Our house elves are currently on strike.

So…I kind of got a v-e-r-y part-time job. It totally came out of the blue, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing it after the busy season is over, but we’ll see.  Spoiler alert: it involves home staging. (Ok, it IS home staging, Lol.)  But more on that later!

I wish MY house looked staged all the time.  Normally our house is pretty clean-ish (I can’t really function in a messy space), and I’m kind of a minimalist anyway, but now since it’s summer and we’re out having fun, plus the kids are home more, there’s just stuff/dishes/legos/etc everywhere.

I watch a few cleaning/homemaking channels on YouTube like She’s In Her Apron or The Daily Connoisseur or Planner Perfect or sometimes How Jen Does It, which are pretty motivating, so I am starting to get a summertime system figured out.

I steal a lot of ideas from the  Flylady cleaning system.  By the way, the FlyLady website is SO confusing, BUT…They have an awesome app!  It’s called FlyLadyPlus and it’s VERY streamlined.  You can just check off the boxes as you go – if you like a super simplified checklist-type system (broken into morning, afternoon, and evening routines) + how to easily clean specific zones in your house, I recommend the app. It’s a great place to start if you are feeling really behind on house stuff!

Or…you can do what I also do sometimes:  write out your routines in a notebook, close the notebook and…never look at it again ;) Good intentions, right?

But I’m trying!




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