Don’t chase the quaffle if you see the snitch.

Guys!!  Have you tried this stuff?!  I eat it on sprouted toast with butter and it TOTALLY tastes like an everything bagel, Lol!  I love it.

So my baby (ok, he’s 15) is going to camp next week…in another state!  And they stay on HOUSEBOATS.  I don’t know if I’m jealous or terrified.  Pants took the boys paddle boarding last week, and Sky really liked it, so I think he’s gonna have a blast at camp with his buddies doing all the water stuff.

Just a few token pics of Shark at the beach with his buddy, since summer is definitely in full swing around here!  Full disclosure:  Sky was there too, but after a little while he went and sat in the car with his phone, Lol.  Lesson learned:  No friends or activity other than playing with younger kids in the sand?  Teens will say ‘No thanks’.  These 11 year olds sure had fun though!


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