Happier than a seagull with a French fry.

Yea, we can talk about planners!  Pants took the boys out paddleboarding this morning, so I can finally sneak on the computer while they’re out.

Guys, I looove paper planners.  Which my boys think is so weird, Lol.  I’ve tried/bought almost every type of planner over the years, and even though I LOVE the look of spiral or bound planners, I always tend to come back to a ring-bound planner because you can take the pages out.  You can also easily add notes pages for things like goals and lists, instead of just actual planning pages.  I use a mix of pre-printed pages and my own handwritten ones:

But lately I’ve been gravitating more toward the discbound system.  It’s similar to a ring-bound where you can take the pages in and out super easily, and I have a couple different ones.  This white leather Tul notebook from Office Depot is really nice (and has pockets!), but some other brands are: Arc, Martha Stewart, Levenger, and The Happy Planner.  I even got the Levenger punch off Amazon for it:

I use Indesign to make my own pages, so I can make all sorts of different types, like project pages or health trackers or whatever.  For actual planning, I usually just use daily pages instead of weekly (because I write A LOT), but this was a set of weekly (week on four pages) I was trying out:

But I’m still torn!  Because I also REALLY love just writing things down in a regular notebook, kind of like a bullet journal type of planner:

Then I can use like, a day per page:

So I haven’t really found my ideal system yet.  I do keep a master calendar and list on my phone, but I really like writing out my plans for the day on actual paper and being able to look back on them.  I am hoping by the end of summer I figure out my perfect planner situation, Lol – if that even exists!  I’ll keep you posted!


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