I’m glad at least one of my personalities likes cleaning the house.

unnamed (1)

Hey, I got a new comforter!  Wait, is that what they’re even called anymore?  I guess it’s technically a duvet.  Whatever, it’s totally fun and bright and boho and we love it.  I was gonna get a more subdued ‘sophisticated’ one, but then… I would die of boredom ;)  So I went for something more ‘me’.

unnamed (3)

A close up of our bedside tables (made by Pants last year):

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)Except sometimes mine looks more like this:

(Everyone keeps apple cider vinegar and duct tape on their bedside table, right?) I’ll have to do a separate post on these and some other cool things Pants has made more recently (like the boys’ new desks!)…he is REALLY glad to be able to get back into woodworking again.

Our house layout is sooo weird* and there’s lots of wood trim everywhere, but we’re surrounded by trees, and it feels like falltime all year round, so I love it.  This is our living room where we basically just hold LOTR marathons all the time:.

I do like our kitchen, too, although a gas stovetop on the island?  INCREDIBLY messy.

I’d show you the den, but our neighbor just gave the kids MORE legos (!) so we are in the middle of sorting (me) and building (the boys) like crazy right now:

Here is only ONE part of our Lego storage, yikes:

*We have like, 5 hallways and four flights of stairs…but there’s only two stories?  I don’t get it either.


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