Know thyself. Or just have someone else tell you who you are, that’s way easier.

I am finally getting kind of excited about summertime clothes! Although I kinda alternate between workout gear and real clothing, I do like to ‘get dressed’ every day for real, though.  I never feel good if I’m out and about wearing something I’m just ‘eh’ about.

Oh!  That reminds me – so…remember all that Dressing Your Truth stuff I talked about?  Um…I totally mistyped myself, Lol!  I always wavered between Type 4 and Type 1, and decided I was a 4.  And then had like, a month of being depressed about my clothes ;)  I’m a Type 1, with a strong 4 secondary.  The *second* I figured that out (and yeah, it took me forever, I think I was denying it actually – I feel like the ‘bright, fun’ energy of Type 1 can be perceived more as airhead-y, and I have a real issue with that), clothes became fun again, I felt ‘lighter’ and just…more relaxed.  I definitely have a LOT of Type 4 in me, and I LOVE more edgy clothes, but yeah, I’m a Type 1.  This needs to be a post all it’s own, so I’ll revisit it later, for sure!!  Read her book(s), it’s super interesting!

Even my workout pants need to be ‘fun’…

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