Calamity Family

It’s a creepy shop, he’s a creepy bloke.

I have NO idea how I used to be able to write a blog post almost every day, especially when the kids were little.  I can’t even find time to write like, once a month now!  Hmm…I could have a time management problem, Lol.  I blame the time of year – everyone keeps saying ‘the month of May is insane’ and…they are right.  Lotta this and that and hoopla and shenanigans and goings on his month.

Anyway, I just really wanted a place to put a bunch of pictures, so here’s a little photo heap of what’s been happening lately.  (Some of these might be Insta repeats, although I’m trying not to do that so much.)

Firepit time with the neighbors.


So we’ve been totally working on our yard, but unfortunately only our FRONT yard so far.  So of course we like to have the neighbors over to hang out in our overgrown horrible patchy jungle BACK yard instead.  Just keeping it real.  Firepit and s’mores (and more) burning away on Saturday nights between now and September, btw.  Come over anytime, dogs welcome too.  Even our unicorn teenager sometimes makes an appearance…


Pants loves kids.  ;)


I am finally getting kind of excited about summertime clothes! Although I kinda alternate between workout gear and real clothing, I do like to ‘get dressed’ every day for real, though.  I never feel good if I’m out and about wearing something I’m just ‘eh’ about.

Oh!  That reminds me – so…remember all that Dressing Your Truth stuff I talked about?  Um…I totally mistyped myself, Lol!  I always wavered between Type 4 and Type 1, and decided I was a 4.  And then had like, a month of being depressed about my clothes ;)  I’m a Type 1, with a strong 4 secondary.  The *second* I figured that out (and yeah, it took me forever, I think I was denying it actually – I feel like the ‘bright, fun’ energy of Type 1 can be perceived more as airhead-y, and I have a real issue with that), clothes became fun again, I felt ‘lighter’ and just…more relaxed.  I definitely have a LOT of Type 4 in me, and I LOVE more edgy clothes, but yeah, I’m a Type 1.  This needs to be a post all it’s own, so I’ll revisit it later, for sure!!  Read her book(s), it’s super interesting!

Even my workout pants need to be ‘fun’…

So, the Shark.  I’ve been sharing a bit more on Insta about him, he’s just such a ball of smarts and energy.  And yeah, I know I have another kid too ;)  but THAT ONE is 15 now and forbids me to ever talk about him or put his picture on the Internet, Lol.  So at least I can still write about the little guy.

I had this pic on Insta, but decided to put it here instead.  My caption was:  It’s normal to just wear a random piece of foam on your head, right?  The Shark only stops moving once in awhile, so I have to document it when it happens.  Currently he’s in the garage happily taking apart an old coffee maker… #inventor #busyguy #babyface #11yearsold

My kids are so funny.  The other day it started raining really hard when Shark had a friend over, so they came inside and he announced, ‘Well, that playdate’s a bust.’  (He was just kidding.)  We know this really over-enthusiastic lady, and the other day after talking to her he goes, ‘She acts so happy it’s unhealthy.’  Lol!

Sky will text me the MOST ridiculous memes…ya know, like in class during school:    

Ridiculous, so of course makes me laugh every time.  Anyway…more to come…I have lots of house pics to show too – and Pants just redid our pantry!  It’s sooo great, you guys.  We took the door off, painted the inside, and Pants made new wooden shelves that I love.  More pics soon!


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