Sounds dangerous and totally impractical. Count me in.

I’ve been sharing a bit more on Insta about Sharkey, he’s just such a ball of smarts and energy.  And yeah, I know I have another kid too ;)  but THAT ONE is 15 now and forbids me to ever talk about him or put his picture on the Internet, Lol.  So at least I can still write about the little guy.  You know, the 11 year old who is currently in the garage happily taking apart an old coffee maker.

My kids are so funny.  The other day it started raining really hard when Shark had a friend over, so they came inside and he announced, ‘Well, that playdate’s a bust.’  (He was just kidding.)  We know this really over-enthusiastic lady, and the other day after talking to her he goes, ‘She acts so happy it’s unhealthy.’  Lol!

Sky will text me the MOST ridiculous memes…ya know, like in class during school:    

Ridiculous, so of course makes me laugh every time.  Anyway…more to come…I have lots of house pics to show too – and Pants just redid our pantry!  It’s sooo great, you guys.  We took the door off, painted the inside, and Pants made new wooden shelves that I love.  More pics soon!


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