If I was making this up, it’d be a whole lot more interesting.


We’re really not winter people. #selfiefail

It’s time for a health update on Pants!  Only like a year late, Lol.  Listen, life happens, and I can’t really keep up, so sometimes ‘writing a HUGE post about my husband’s intense natural healing regimen in a way that doesn’t offend anybody’ is way too overwhelming.  But I will try!

Ok, here is a link to the last update and a link to all the specific things that Pants does to manage his cancer (with a couple things updated), so I won’t recap all that.  And obviously I write little blurbs/put up pictures on Instagram about him sometimes.  But back to today…Pants is doing great!  We do have more of a ‘new’ normal, for sure, but he is looking and feeling good, and functioning just like any other regular person.


Pants loves when I take pictures of him doing menial tasks.

From the time of diagnosis two years ago (aside from the time 6 months after diagnosis when he broke his back because he was doing too much activity on not-yet-healed bones), his health has steadily gotten better.  Which is rather remarkable, considering Pants has a pretty serious form of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer which is considered ‘incurable’. (Although I learned from Kris Carr that what ‘incurable’ really means is that it cannot be healed with drugs, but instead you have to cure it from the inside.)  Initially we had oncologists throwing out a lot of (scarily short) life span numbers – ‘5 years’ or ‘maybe 5-10 years’…one doctor even told us it could be ‘2 years’!!  Whaaa?!  And that was with Western medical treatment (chemo/stem cell transplant/etc).  There was a lot of talk regarding how to monitor his disease, but not much about why he got it in the first place, or what to do to actually help heal him.

When we chose to seek out natural treatments with a holistic practitioner instead, it was a different story.  (He also does have an oncologist, but that’s more for monitoring blood levels and once-a-year bone scans.) Our holistic doctor understood that true healing comes not from merely symptom treating, but to treat at the base cellular level, which is really the best way to approach chronic illness.  This is also when we started our journey of realizing that REAL healing/living is not JUST physical – there’s a saying that healing is 100% physical, 100% emotional, and 100% spiritual…an interesting and true concept!

Like most things in life, taking the time to get as much information as you can and concentrating on healing the body as a WHOLE tends to be the best approach, and there is a LOT of evidence supporting this.  And THERE IS TIME.  Modern medicine loves to rush treatment, but if you study how chronic disease is managed around the ENTIRE world (not just in Western medicine), you realize you don’t have to make such quick decisions regarding chronic disease, especially since you’ve most likely been walking around with it longer than you think, anyway.

   Is this kind of lifestyle really so bad?

Back to Pants…We really liked that our holistic practitioner gave us a practical plan to basically ‘reset’ Pants’ body.  It does take time, and yes, there are elements of everyday living that we have had to adjust.  And yes, he works primarily from home so we have a HUGE advantage at being able to really control the dietary/environmental aspect.  But he is getting strong, riding his bike again, building who-knows-what out in the garage…and even able to have a cheat meal once in awhile, ha!  All things he couldn’t do when we started this process.  His last bone scan showed that his bones have strengthened and RE-GROWN (!) to the point where all the lesions they used to be riddled with (and the doctor said would get worse) are now healed.  That is amazing!  This is why we strongly believe that cancer is not a death sentence.  It’s a chance to reset your life.   So…no more scary life span numbers being thrown around anymore ;)

He even carpet cleans while I play with filters on my phone!

I’ve been talking lately how we’re kind of loving the Blue Zone Lifestyle, which is pretty similar to a lot of stuff Pants has been doing since he was diagnosed.  The Blue Zones refer to different places on earth where people live the longest/disease-free, and there is a lot of study on how that happens.  It STARTS with diet, yes, and that’s a HUGE part of it, but it’s more about a lifestyle where you are living with purpose, have a real community around you, and are daily looking at health as a WHOLE (mind, body, spirit) – so disease can be easily managed or become a non-issue.  But honestly sometimes it can be hard when we live in such a money-centric environment that values fast pace and quick fixes.  But we’re trying at least!  #healthgoalz #notthereyet  #possiblytooneuroticforbluezones

And I’m pretty sure Blue Zone people love pretending to help their kids while secretly watching the Red Wings:


And they loooove board games.


But yeah, they totally hate dogs.  ;)


**  For all you nerds like us interested in true healing for chronic disease/cancer, Pants has been recommending this book lately:  Never Fear Cancer Again (Raymond Francis) – written by a chemist who talks about reversing his own chronic disease at the base level.  I think he also addresses the genetic factor as well.  Interesting read!

*** www.chrisbeatcancer.com talks about how almost every case of cancer has an element of heavy stress (emotionally or physically) that came about before diagnosis.  This is true in Pants’ case as well, and almost every cancer/chronic disease case in people that we know. 


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