Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

What We’re Eating

Um guys, are we like vegetarians now?!  Not really, but we are eating so many yummy plant-based proteins and tons of veggies these days, and feeling better for it.  (Is there such a thing as a weekday vegetarian?  Oops scratch that, I just ate some chicken tonight…)

Juicing for days…Pants is still doing traditional juicing PLUS smoothies, and I’ve been drinking green smoothies.

My green smoothies are NOT fruit smoothies though, by the way.  They are a mix of greens and other vegetables and water with just a handful of frozen fruit in them for more antioxidants.  Sounds gross?  It is!  No just kidding, they actually taste pretty refreshing, just not sweet.  Fun fact:  I actually HATE fruit smoothies!  Who HATES smoothies?!  Why am I so weird, guys.  I do like eating fruit, though.

I’m not really a fan of healthy ‘products’, but I did buy one of these Rebbl drinks as a treat for Pants.  We’ve just tried the turmeric kind though, since it’s only sweetened with honey and maybe a little stevia.  I’m unsure about some of the other kinds, I’ll have to check the ingredients.

I also found this organic brand of non-dry beans that is really yummy, clean, and not in a can: 

Add it to salads and there’s lunch!

  • ps – The title of this post is my very favorite food quote ala Michael Pollan!

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