Is it possible to fall ON the wagon?

Someone’s not waking up in an autopilot stupor anymore!  And it’s this girl:

It’s been a pretty stressful last couple of months for me (personal reasons, nosy!).  And high stress for me is usually solved by = running around like a crazy chicken, emotionally eating waaaay too many sweet treats, and drinking entirely too much coffee.  That’s reasonable, right?

Unfortunately, getting so stressed and not dealing with it properly sort of propelled me into not eating very intentionally…and now my body is completely falling apart ;)  I knew it was related to anxiety, but then I started to get stressed out about not feeling well…which made it worse! Typical human behavior, Lol. I thought maybe some of this was hormone-based, but…hormones can mostly be controlled with nutrition. So basically I just needed to reset my body – both emotionally and physically – so it could function properly again.  So I did!

Eat this:

Not that:

which is a bummer…because I LOVE this…

Thankfully, it’s like I live with my own personal nutritionist – Pants ;)  (Oh how the tables have turned, Lol.)  His advice was to essentially go back to the Blue Zone Lifestyle, which for lack of a better term, is pretty much what he does, and is basically how we should all be living, anyway.

Food wise, I realized I had gotten into a pattern of not eating enough nutritious food for lunch (or not enough protein), and then would be starving like an hour later, which gave me like no power at all to resist snacking on convenient not-so-great stuff in the afternoons whenever I would ‘feel overwhelmed’ or ‘stressed out’…which was a lot of times, Lol.  So I started writing down what was emotionally ‘triggering’ me, and also joined Pants in his big-metal-bowl-of-nutrition for lunch every day.

So my new lunch lately is pretty much different variations of this:

It’s a big ole’ bowl of nutrient-rich salad (with protein), we eat ’em almost every day like 2 nerds. (Sometimes I eat leftovers or something else, but I try to mostly do this type of salad).  I will put our ‘recipe’ at the end of the post. It is sooo filling though, and I feel like all the greens are making my skin look so much better, so I want to keep it up ;)

Oh, and also HYDRATE!  I was the worst at drinking water, but not anymore!  Drinking water all throughout the day is like, the #1 best thing you can do for yourself.  I’m going to try to eat as clean as I can for the rest of the month, keep adding in green smoothies too (these are also KEY!), and see what I need to tweak after that.

Really this is all just forcing me to learn how to deal with stress in a healthier way.  Which I am.  The root issue was/is getting resolved, I have some really helpful sources for keeping up emotional health too, and I have taken up jogging and yoga as daily habits again.  (What, I only took a break from those things for like, 2 1/2 years…)   It feels GOOD to jog outside, even in the rain.  Promise.

I would encourage anyone suffering with…anything really ;)  to check out the blue zone way of living or similar plant-based eating.  But I am NOT a vegetarian, Lol!  I still eat meat/eggs/etc, especially as my body type seems to need quite a lot of essential fatty acids and protein.  I don’t rule out any food groups long-term, but having plants as the cornerstone of my diet is making me feel REALLY good.  Eating a bunch of good fats (coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, etc) is also key!  Good fats = brain food!

Oh! and here’s our HEALTHY AWESOME SALAD ‘recipe’ …because no one else ever made a salad before… 

in a big old bowl, throw in:

  • a bunch of kale
  • cruciferous veggie mix (we actually get this pre-chopped at TJ’s – I think it’s called Super 8?  It’s like a broccoli, cabbage, carrots, etc mix…we’re too lazy to chop these ourselves)
  • handful of yummy berries or chopped apple
  • other veggies (whatever you have)
  • generous drizzle of olive oil, vinegar if you want
  • salt and pepper (I ALWAYS s/p my salad greens – makes such a difference!) plus herbs or spices
  • a helping of non-meat protein (lentils, quinoa, beans, chickpeas, etc)
  • for extra points: nuts, seeds, flaxseed, avocado, or any other good fats

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