Take a vacation…from your problems.

This is me, realizing I will NEVER have it together…

So I saw a friend in Target today, and as we walked away from our lovely little chat where I was spouting off about HEALTHY EATING and NUTRITION, I glanced in my cart and realized all I had in it was a bunch of junk food!  Lol.

It was a one-time thing, promise – frosted cookies for Shark to hand out to his class for his birthday tomorrow at school, and some candy and stuff for Sky to take to camp this weekend, that kind of thing.  I was kinda embarrassed though, since I’m always preaching ‘healthy’ over here ;)

But I’m definitely not a food dictator with our kids.  I don’t care about them having a treat after a good meal or candy at the movies or whatever.  Especially since most of our meals look like this:




All about balance, right?


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