A psychic once told me that I’m psychic.


I’m a stay-at-home mom who…doesn’t really like to be home.  Is that normal?  I’m trying though.  Now that the kids are back in school, I want to camp firmly in ‘I’m a good homemaker!’ mode instead of the ‘I’m running around all day doing (semi) meaningless busy things or volunteering till I want to die’ mode.

I’ve always lived with the idea that every day is meaningful, so I’m trying to focus on nourishing my family (FOOD is like, #1 around here), running the house, letting the kids have new experiences, working on some personal (secret!) projects, but…also still giving myself time to re-watch Gilmore Girls for the fifth time during lunch if I feel like it ;)  Of course I feel like it…


I kind of like the concept of having a specific routine for the morning, afternoon, and evening.  We have an early morning routine we’ve done since school started, and it’s working really well.  Now I just need to hone my afternoon/evening routines a bit…what’s that quote?  ‘I adore spontaneity.  Providing it is carefully planned.’  Ha.  I don’t want to conform to some random routine though, so lately I’ve started writing down daily habits that I already do.  Mind blown.

Like, here’s our early weekday morning routine (when I’m pretty much on auto-pilot), it’s always the same:

  • get up at 6, wake Sky up (high school is so early!), then walk to the kitchen and do the terrible things – empty the dishwasher, make lunches, and oversee breakfast (ie, get it over with).
  • Then I get to drink coffee!  Yessss.  I take like a 1o minute little coffee break while I look over the plan for the day (I always have my planner *rightthere*), and maybe read for a few minutes.
  • The best part is when Sky is getting ready for school, Sharkey will wander down at EXACTLY 6:25am, he’s very precise, and ask for a cup of tea. It’s like living with an old English fellow. Pants does breakfast with Shark (usually) after awhile and I get ready after Sky leaves. (Easy because I wear the same basic uniform every day and never wash my hair…um…) 

Examples of my typical weekday ‘uniform’:  skinnies, boots, and layers.

If I have a few extra minutes, I’ll tidy up the downstairs, then it’s time to take the little guy to school…my goal is for both kiddos to go to school happy.  Oh, and then I actually ‘start’ my day ;)



3 thoughts on “A psychic once told me that I’m psychic.

  1. Denise

    I was wondering if I could move in? I promise not too eat too much and/or be too picky. I also enjoy long car rides. (love your life!)


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