Getting things done…or getting nothing done, I can’t remember which…

I really wanted to get another post in our Emotional Health series up today, but…it’s wiping me out! It’s taking me like, a week to recover from even writing each of those posts, LOL. Probably because I am such an over-thinker about EVERYTHING (even a lighter post…like, I am *still* obsessing over coffee/no coffee!), so the meaty ones are like, a big process.  So I think I will take a little break and do the next one later this week, or maybe just wait till next Monday. I have sooo many other things to blog about too, and since I waste my time with behind-the-scenes blog format stuff that no one cares about don’t have that much blog time in general, I want to be able to use my time to post more fun stuff!

You know, like how my hair is getting (almost) long enough to rock a side pony:


and my NEW PLANNER!!! i’ll do a separate post on that all you paper lovers like me ;)img_4881

I also want to put up some pictures of our house, and a few more easy recipes, just stuff like that. So I will try this week! But right now I have to go clean this place, it’s a disaster! Which *I* like to think is just a sign of a busy and fun weekend…although not according to this book I just read:



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