Is it tummy troubles…or just stress??


So…the last few weeks there’s been a lot going on (really just a bunch of little stuff…that all together turns into big stuff in MY mind!), and last week I was starting to feel it.  Like, literally.  Whenever I get anxious about things, I get what we’ll affectionately call…tummy troubles.  And by troubles, I mean searing pain and IBS-type symptoms (I am sooo much fun to live with!)

So of course I totally didn’t realize how stressed I was, and was freaking out for like 3 nights in a row about my stomach, how ‘I must have ate something that didn’t agree with me’ or ‘I ate a cookie (or two) that I shouldn’t’ or whatever.  Now, I did eat some sweet stuff that initially did hurt my stomach one night (i think it was xantham gum and too much sugar in some gluten-free cookies that I made for the kids, stuff I’m not typically eating right now), but after that I think I was SO FOCUSED on my stomach hurting, that it was actually making it hurt MORE.

On Thursday (after tormenting Pants by talking about my stomach for hours on end), I did the smart thing – I called my mom ;)  Who immediately said, ‘It’s not the food.’  Whaaa??  

But you know what?  Moms are always right!  She and I talked about what (emotionally) it was that was *really* causing me to feel so much anxiety…and guess what?  It wasn’t the food ;)  Then she told me (in a super nice way of course, this is my mom we’re talking about), ‘Take Tums for a day or two, go back to regular eating, and basically just CHILL.OUT’.

After talking to her and actually thinking through some of the stuff I’d been worried about, I seriously felt SO much better!  Literally, my stomach just…relaxed.  Or more accurately, my mind did.

So I guess I didn’t actually have a stomach problem that whole time (except one day in the beginning)…I had a mind problem!  Because (as usual) I was worrying about things I can’t control/stuff I thought that mattered…but really doesn’t.  And since my mind was obviously too slow to grasp the concept, my body decided to tell me.  Painfully.

Sounds kinda hocus pocus, but my whole take away from this is that yeah, I DO have to stop getting nuts about stuff.  Umm, especially since it’s making me physically ill! I need to recite every day: ‘Just do what you can do.  God will take care of the rest or it’s not important.(Another mom-ism).

So, just keeping everything in balance, worrying included ;)  Maybe I can calm down a little about the healthy eating, too – I seem to do best on the 80/20 rule (80% healthy, 20% whatever), instead of beating myself up about every little bite.  It’s hard when you are trying to eat clean, but still live in the real world!  You know, this weekend when my friend was here, we ate out a lot (not the norm for us), and I just listened to what my body wanted.  And you know what my body wanted?  It wanted my 80/20 rule ;) So I ate mostly healthy stuff, had a little treat or two, and went about my day having fun and not worrying about it.  AND MY STOMACH WAS FINE. Balance.



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