Gettin’ real on a Friday…

I’m kind of kicking myself for doing this blog thing like, totally wrong, for the past seven years.  Hey, it takes some of us a little longer to figure stuff out, ok ;)  I just never really cared enough to try to turn a corner of the internet into…something.  Have you guessed that I am NOT an entrepreneur? ;)  But maybe I should have buckled down and tried to get some real traction on my old food blog, but it was primarily a baking blog, and 2 years ago…I pretty much stopped baking.  And then started eating a lot more gluten/dairy free stuff, so I didn’t even use a lot of my ooey-gooey delicious recipes anymore that were on there.  And then life got…stressful, to say the least, so even keeping up with this family blog while raising two *intense* boys (by myself a lot of the time since Pants was traveling so much) was tough.  I think I also didn’t want to put too much personal information out there…like, my mom reads it, so there’s a level of ‘realness’ that I didn’t feel comfortable going past.  Like, let’s keep it light!  But…when your life isn’t exactly light all the time, it’s hard to just write and pretend like it is.

But now that the golden age of blogging is kind of over, so to speak, I actually feel way less pressure about writing!  More free to be myself and write what I want.  (But still gotta keep it PG because yeah, mom’s still reading it…)  So…basically I’m writing this blog for me ;) which is what I always wanted to do in the first place.  And a HUGE part of ‘me’ is listening to Tolkien podcasts moving toward a really healthier lifestyle and talking about it!

I guess this post doesn’t really have a point, but a lot of people (in the blogging world) have been talking about this kind of thing lately, so I just felt like writing my take on it.


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