A twisted turn of events…

So the past couple years I feel like we’ve been in survival mode…where things like clean eating, balanced living, and my sanity…didn’t exist. Also our recent move (from two states away) took awhile to recover from. (Is six months ago still recent?)

The good thing though, is that once things got sorted out with said move, our life (stress-wise) basically changed 180 degrees from where it had been the past few years. Ah, another story for another time…but let’s just say, now that my husband works primarily from home and is actually HERE when the kids are, you know, awake (as opposed to before the move when he was traveling overseas for weeks at a time and working late nights), it’s soooo much easier to do this thing together. And by thing, I guess I mean…life? Since, you know, we’re both on the same continent most of the time now.

2014-12-28 10.31.20

Through all of this, we’ve kind of started to become a little more…intentional about how we’re living every day. I mean, we’re still total idiots, but we’re trying. For us, ‘healthy living’ really just means balance. Oh, and also eating pretty clean. (I mean, I’m eating good *most* of the time, but I’m not gonna sweat it if I eat a freaking cookie. That I made for the kids. That was the last one…ok, two…left…)

Anyway, so a new focus on this blog will be like, a little chronicle of what we’re trying to do to live more healthy, while still living in the real world. So like, healthy living 101. For dummies. Who are babies. You know, people like us. (So set your expectations low, is what i’m saying…) Don’t worry, there will still be lots of mindless rambling and personal stuff on here too…unfortunately, my ‘personal’ interests include things like Tolkien podcasts, buying gold candlesticks for my living room, and doodling in old notebooks, so, sorry in advance…


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