we’re alive. i think??

I’ve *almost* recovered from the road trip up.  it’s only been what, 2 weeks? ;)
we took 3 days to drive from southern california to seattle.  we pulled our car with our minivan, and I felt pretty much like a beverly hillbilly the whole time.
aside from spilling scalding hot coffee ALL over pants’ lap in the first twenty minutes of the trip (oops), day one was happy sunshine and smiles.  except for this next picture where all the kids look totally uneasy, lol.  this was when we stopped in LA to say a (sad!) goodbye to michael and jill and baby tallulah…
we will miss these darlings, all three of them :(
and then we hit the road for real.  that saturday the boys were (oddly) perfect angels (thank you secret roadtrip toy/candy bag!), and we powered through to redding, cali that night.  the next day…not so.  sharkey MELTED.  for like, hours?  I don’t know, I think I blocked that entire leg of the trip out…anyone who’s made a major life move with VERY sensitive children knows how awesome it is ;)  but once we got to portland late sunday afternoon (we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at last time we were there), the boys could swim and we went out to one of our favorite local burger places, and everything was good. well, except for the freezing cold milkshake sharkey accidentally spilled ALL over pants’ lap.  i’m sensing a trend…
I couldn’t even LOOK at all the last-minute stuff pants’ had crammed in the back of the van…*cringe*
I will say it was a BEAUTIFUL drive.  and once we were in the walls of pines, I felt HOME.
our new home!  just kidding ;)
we made it to the new house around noon on monday, just in time to meet the realtor and the moving truck.  and the neighbors next door who have a huge dog the boys immediately fell in love with.  and the local jimmy john’s.  and so our northwest adventure begins!

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