our california home tour, part one

btw, i think only one of these pairs of shoes are my kids’…yes, we are that house…

just putting up some pictures of our current house before we box it all up!  we managed to secure a better-than-expected housing situation up in seattle this past weekend, but it bumped up our move date to mid-july instead of our original plan of august first.  so things are moving forward pretty fast around here!

anyway, the house we are currently in has been a great space for our family, on a nice cul-de-sac street with a climbing tree and lots of neighbor kids.  we are going to miss playing with our friends every day!

 but we are definitely ready to move on to the next chapter of our life!  we are also SO READY to get rid of almost all our furniture (except the custom stuff pants’ built) and get several new big pieces when we move…our stuff is soooo old and worn, and it is TIME, lol!
 so…this is what our living room currently looks like:
the back side of the living room is kind of an odd vaulted nook we use for sky’s ‘office’…ignore the fact that it’s so bare – we have already started boxing things up in there.
when we first moved in it looked like this…
and then like this…
i did another post here with details about this AMAZING bookshelf that pants’ built:
 I just love the way pants designed them to fit together with these little wood pieces:
ok, i have to take a moment…we must mourn our old comfy sectional we’ve had for years and years!  this thing has lasted through three different homes, and is practically threadbare now…needlesss to say, it will NOT be making the move with us.  but the memories, wah…
sooo many people have fallen asleep randomly on this couch, lol.  lots of snuggling and hanging out, too.
(i just have to throw this one in…)
across from the living room is the fourth bedroom, which we are using as our lego/toy room.  it first looked like this, then we turned it into more of a game room, but the kids got back into legos again so we changed it back.  now it looks like this:
a lotta lego organizing goin’ on!  and…a fun wall thing-a-ma-jig i did:
in the red bin holder, all the legos are organized by color, and some also by size:
this guy holds things like specific colors we don’t have a lot of, wheels and car parts, etc:
these organizers are from target, and UNDUMPABLE.  this is very important when you live with a little shark terror!
we also have smaller versions too, which hold lego body parts (ew) and other specific little pieces:
a sad goodbye to our navy stair wall…hey, I started this navy trend and you all know it!!
our kitchen/dining room is nothing special…it’s actually the opposite of special, with it’s mismatched appliances and outdated cabinets. if we owned the place I would rip out the whole thing…like what is literally currently happening in our new place right now ;)  but lots of yummy things sure got cooked up in this room!
the ‘art wall’.  guess which drawing was done by pants?  :)
 my coffee/tea station between the stove and fridge:
 I took the doors off these cabs.  because I wanted to.
we’ve had some awesome thanksgivings with the gastronaut here, though!
learned lots of knife skills…
and had over LOTS of friends…
oh, and can’t forget the backyard and the side yard

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