north the rush is on

he named his snail ‘roger’ lol.

most everyone already knows this (thank you facebook!), but I guess I better address it here…we are MOVING!  to seattle!!  in less than 2 months.  I can’t really say specifics about pants’ job since he doesn’t want me to (he’s in the CIA!  just kidding, he works for an architect firm), but we are moving mainly because of a job opportunity, even though there are other reasons as well.

and I am freaking out lol.

this is a big move for us, in a lot of different ways.  even though it’s technically smaller than our last major move (from michigan to california, leaving our families and the place we both grew up, including our church that felt truly like HOME), there are so many more factors involved this time around. like, we’re super old, for one ;)  also we’ve been in huntington beach for ten years, so we kinda sorta have an established life here with two school-age kids and a cul-de-sac and a youth group.  I have my favorite places and my trader joe’s boyfriend (who doesn’t?).  you know.

so our life here is mostly good.  expensive! but good.  but…pants and I have both felt for the past few years that this wasn’t our final resting place…like we were meant to go, I don’t know, somewhere else.  (like, somewhere less expensive lol?) and we’ve both been drawn to the pacific northwest for sooo long…that was actually where we meant to move to ten years ago but pants got detoured by the beach life.  I personally am NOT a beach person, but we stayed because honestly, this is just a really nice place to live.  can’t beat the southern california weather, the people are sooo nice, seriously, and we’re a mile from the pacific.  but then this opportunity came along.  and we started thinking that *maybepossibly* there might be something else out there for us.  or…maybe it will all blow up in our face ;) but don’t know till you try, right!   …right?

so.  now it’s house hunting from 2 states away.  now it’s getting reeeeally sad about leaving our friends here.  now it’s thinking about packing up, and lots of oh my gosh get rid of this old furniture already we are sooo NOT taking this with us.  I AM excited we are going to get a few new big ticket things when we get there, like desperately needed new sofas and a master bed, so that part is fun, at least.  we are flying up to seattle this weekend to hopefully secure a place, which i’m trying to be excited about but really I am just super nervous!  oh btw, pants and I have NEVER EVEN BEEN TO SEATTLE YET.  EVER.

help me roger!!


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