ask not what you can do for your country. ask what’s for lunch.

so…I used to have a food blog.  mostly because I pretty much LIVED in the kitchen for the last 15 years.  i think feeding people might be one of my love languages?  which is great since i’m married to someone who doesn’t care about food. at all.

I do still like making food for people, but…I think my true love affair with food is kind of over.  I don’t have my baking business anymore.  I don’t want to do my food blog again.  ever.  sooo…is it funny that i’m currently working with my friend’s catering company?  ha.  but even there, i’m doing more behind-the-scenes stuff than actual cooking…

also since i’m suuuper old now, I feel like everything I eat is trying to kill me.  ok, just all the yummy stuff ;)  like this:
so I generally eat pretty healthy…kind of like the 85/15 rule.  (not that i don’t have a secret candy cupboard for emergencies…but everyone’s got that, right?)  it’s definitely worth it to keep my tummy in line, though – it hurts my stomach soooo bad when I eat low quality/too sugary food.  although having to think about what I eat is kind of a bummer.  but if I eat good, I feel good, so…
a lot of people related to me are gluten sensitive, dairy sensitive, etc.  but for me, as long as the gluten/dairy thing i’m eating is good quality (like a 4-ingredient sourdough bread or a preservative-free hard cheese), it doesn’t bother me.  yogurt and ice cream DO kill my stomach, but I can live without those.  and I do usually use gluten-free pasta, since we can’t taste the difference.  but I mostly just eat…real food.  I try for a combo of protein/carb/good fat for meals.  and then I use my skillz to kick it up a notch.  so there’s still a lotta good food around here…just maybe a tiny bit healthier…
one thing that saves me is that I really like vegetables.  I mean, listen, NOTHING tastes as good as a twix bar or a big ole’ piece of lasagna, but sometimes your tummy just needs to relax.  a bowl of steamed veggies with a few avocado chunks and a homemade dressing on top can help.  although pants totally doesn’t agree.  hey, I’m just trying to not feel like my insides are attacking me.  quit judging my veggie bowls, PANTS.  and take your chocolate milkshake outta here…

One thought on “ask not what you can do for your country. ask what’s for lunch.

  1. I still love food…I'm eating mostly (85% probs) vegan. It suits my tummy. Little cheese and meat and just backyard eggs.

    my family brings home the ice cream once in a while…I can't even lick a spoon – toooooooo rich for me!


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