one time i laughed at a blind guy eating spaghetti.

cramming in four months of pictures in one morning of blogging is…not ideal, but i really want to get all these posted.  sorry for so many homeschool posts!  here is one more – a few snaps of some outings we took.

someone’s too cool.  (pants took shark skiing for a day in february.)

we took a crochet and felting class with our homeschool group:

sharkey learned to crochet!

pants came with us to the natural history museum a few weeks ago.  pants loves buffalo.

the boys spent like, forever, in the gem and mineral room, they are so into that stuff!  I blame minecraft.

and pants took the boys to the space museum, too.   (uh…photobomb dude in back there…)

oh, and one time pants helped make sharkey’s dream come true:

(I still can’t believe sky actually held a snake, too…)


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