i feel lazier than the guy who invented the japanese flag.

so, i have a bad habit.

i love clothes, but i have a real problem with throwing them all over the floor.  yes, like a teen.  in general, i’m pretty neat, but for some reason, i always have clothes strewn all around the bedroom.  which is weird because i keep up with laundry and put my clean clothes away every night before bed.  i think it just happens when i am frustrated and can’t find anything to wear and i’m in a rush.  hence, i try on a million things and then leave them all over the floor.  and then they stay there.  on the floor.  for like, days.

so…the other day after pants made fun of me for it again, we started talking about how we have these bigger, really functional closets in this house (with built-in shelving), so really, what is my problem?
and then i realized what my problem was.  it’s that my closet isn’t pretty.  and i HATE using spaces that aren’t pretty.
pants definitely didn’t get it.
but i immediately ran out and got a few rolls of my favorite ‘renter’s wallpaper’ (which is actually just…contact paper!  easy to put up, totally removable.  aaand…available from the dollar store.) and started pretty-ing that closet up.

i know this paper print is kind of old-fashioned and ugly-ish, but since it was only a buck a roll and just for a closet, it was good enough for me.  with the scarves and the cute top shelf, it adds that girly, vintage-y feel i like.
and now my floor is magically clean!

so…i keep unmentionables in baskets, and the shelves hold folded stuff like tanks, workout clothes, and pants/shorts.  and yes, i only own 3 pairs of pants that aren’t leggings.  i’m working on it.  for some reason i hung up my bathing suits next to my shirts/cardigans.  oh, and i usually keep my laundry basket under the bottom shelf.
dresses on the top. this closet actually goes back really far, like, double what i am showing you here.  there is also a hanging belt rack and a secret shelf under the hanging dresses where i keep a box for our, um…we’ll just call it ‘love stuff’. ahem. i keep purses and shoes downstairs in our coat closet, since that makes way more sense to me.

oh, and if you are using gross ugly plastic or even worse, wire hangers?  IMMEDIATELY run to target and grab a couple bunches of huggable hangers.  it will change your life, i swear!


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