to the castle beyond the goblin city

ok, so i have always been a big fan of labeling things in general, but i used to think cutesy customized labels were LAME.  buuut…then on a few other organizing blogs i saw some that were super fun for kids, so it made me think maybe they aren’t so bad.
and now?  i am a total custom labeling FOOL. 
here are some labels i made for the bins in our lego room.  yes, we have a lego room.  don’t judge.  i used stiff colored paper i had and a corner rounder (from my long-ago scrapbooking days).
ignore the fact that we haven’t painted the wooden lego holder black yet to match the tall shelf.  instead, just look at the cute little lego-shaped comic-book-style-written labels!

i think they are adorable, especially since i made them at like, 11pm last night. (even though pants thinks i am freaking crazy for even making labels in the first place, added to the fact that the labels actually look more like little castles than legos.) 
i used my favorite double-draw method of writing, where i first write the word in marker, then go over it with my very favorite fine-point pen. (i am VERY particular with pens! but that’s a whole separate post…)

then i just cut out and corner-rounded the yellow part of the label and used double-sided tape to stick it to my ‘lego castle’:

btw, the large bins are sorted by size – two each of large, medium, and small, and one for tiny pieces.  we just shake them down in our custom lego sorter to get the right sizes.  this is an EXCELLENT way to sort legos if you are kind of lazy (like me).

also?  it is SO easy for the kids to clean up when they know where to put things.  i am totally surprised how clean the floor has stayed in that room!


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