there’s no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.

so…sky had a birthday party in early december, but i’m just getting around to posting about it now, oops! anyway, it was a ‘halo’-themed party (halo is a futuristic army-themed video game), and all the boys were SO into it! most of the kids came wearing army gear and bearing nerf guns:
they had a grand time running all over the place shooting each other. pants was also a HUGE help, lining up targets for the boys to shoot and manning water balloon duty.

um, i think this cat thought the party was for him. he was so happy to run with the big boys.

ok, for the cake, i totally phoned it in. because of time and the fact that i am NOT a cake decorator! but the boys loved it, though – probably because of the halo guy on top!
we didn’t decorate much, mainly just the table and a few balloons by the door.
although sky did insist we hang this up as part of the decorations. it has something to do with halo, but i have no idea what:
goody bags. filled with…candy and a mini nerf gun, of course!

oh, i have to show you this cool gift sky got from my folks. it’s a electronic curcuit set. the circuits snap together really easily and you can make things like a working light, fan, siren, or whatever. of course, sky was off and doing his own configurations without the directions about ten seconds after he got the set, the little smarty pants…


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