flaming torches lighting the way to winter

** just a disclaimer: there are a LOT of pictures in this post!

the boys and i flew to michigan to visit my folks for halloween weekend, while pants was away in chicago leading worship music at an annual campus crusade fall retreat.  my southern california boys were excited to wear warm jackets and see their breath in the air while tromping through all the fall leaves at grandma’s house!

my bro’s fam spent most of the weekend with us so the boys could hang out with cousin emily:

we basically crammed in every fall activity we could think of while we were there, complete with going to the pumpkin patch for pony rides and pumpkin picking.

our strong little five-year-old was very excited to get some pumpkins with grandma and grandpa!

my bro’s fam on the pumpkin wagon:

i have to say, it was a little cold for this wimpy warm weather girl!

and you have never seen a kid so excited for a pony ride as this one!

the next day we carved the pumpkins and got ready for halloween. (and by ‘got ready’ i mean, ‘i ate a bunch of candy’.) and here is sky’s finished pumpkin he carved almost entirely by himself. (well, except for scraping out the insides, because he says that just smells way too gross.) this nine-year-old always makes me laugh:

halloween!  sky was a pokemon trainer (i know, what??), cousin emily was the sweetest ice princess of all time (she was sooo excited to wear blue eyeshadow and lipstick – too cute!), and sharkey was master chief, an army guy from the video game halo.

sharkey was especially sad to leave maxie, emily’s dog (he even woke up crying the other day because he missed maxie, aw!!), and about 90 percent of the time he could be found hanging out under the dining room table with that cute little pup.

the highlight for sky was finding out that cousin emily also played minecraft, his favorite computer building game. poor emily, between my boys being wild on a level she’s not used to and sky’s non-stop technical computer discussions, she’s probably glad we only came for a weekend! but we sure had fun!


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