i became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

so busy around here!  i do okay with crazy, as long as i get a few nights with pants to catch up on breaking bad (ps – mom, do NOT watch this show!).

don’t you love a nice soft seat to sit on?or perhaps a coffee table is more comfortable?

here’s a little equation to sum up homework time:
sky + math homework = AAAUUGGGGHHH!!!!!!

i will admit that sharkey might be a tiny bit of a distraction during homework time.
sometimes i have to occupy him with a little outdoor project.although sharkey’s no slouch at finding something to do. he made this wooden clock all by himself with stuff he found around the house and in the garage (i did add a few numbers that he told me to write). i can’t wait till it’s 28 o’clock.our little number 8!


4 thoughts on “i became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

  1. Good thing Sharkey's code name isn't “pants”….we would have no idea who you were talking about! :)! His underwear on the head crack me up! That is so much something Natalie did, and stuck socks under her chin! Of my do they ever make me laugh!


  2. yeah, i heard about your trip via the mom rumor mill. i am jealous…

    um. hang in there with the math. let's just say someone who is a teenage boy in my home is like almost failing algebra and I am of NO help. and the girls – tears have been shed in the name of homework too.

    as always, sharkey cracks me up!


  3. we are not loving homework time at our house either. is he in 4th or 5th this year? kobe is in 4th and all i have to say about it is.. no thank you :/


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