there was never a good war, or a bad peace.

cookies1a couple weeks ago i did a cookie table at the kids’ school’s fall festival:cookietablei set up next to the coffee guy, and made three kinds of cookies, all from scratch:IMG_8306
the whoopie cookies (a chocolate cake cookie sandwich with marshmallow cream cheese filling) sold out – they were really good, if i do say so myself!
IMG_8288i made the the nutmeg-flavored sugar cookies soft but thick enough to decorate, and since i’m addicted to fondant, i frosted and fondant-ed them with flowers and aliens:IMG_8274



IMG_8284i also made chocolate toffee bars, which were good, but not quite as ooey-gooey as i would have liked. next time i make them in bulk, i will add another toffee layer!IMG_8287it was a LOT of work, especially on friday afternoon when i had to cart all my table decorations/cookies/big umbrella/etc by myself with two kids in tow, and i definitely do NOT recommend trying to run a table at a festival with two wild kids underfoot while your husband is stuck at work till late! (thank goodness a friend came by to get dinner for the kids – thank you, wendy!) i don’t know if i would do something like this again, but i did make a few bucks and get my business name out there, so i guess it was worth it!

ps – the reason i didn’t make cupcakes was because the festival already had a cupcake booth, so they asked me to do cookies instead. i will say that it sure felt great when someone who bought both told me they liked my cookies better than the gourmet cupcakes at the next booth!


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