we reap liberty, a golden harvest.

thriftin’…even some good finds for the kiddos…

breakfastsaturday morning waffles with a side of xbox


my current obsession – a bowl of hummus, avocado, and almonds, topped with olive oil and s/p

french roast with carrots and baby potatoes

roasted cherry tomato and garlic pasta

drinksgreen tea in the afternoon

pumpkin spice latte, courtesy of pants

iced tea margarita (recipe below) and sunday night tacos

iced tea margarita

combine in blender:

a couple cups of SWEETENED iced tea

juice of a lemon

a few fresh basil leavesadd in:

a couple shots of tequila

a bunch of ice

blend a few seconds till ice is crushed and drink is slightly frothy. salt rim and garnish with lemon, if desired. (this drink was a very refreshing complement to our spicy tacos!)


2 thoughts on “we reap liberty, a golden harvest.

  1. okay, through the magic of google reader – I read your skin care post! I LOVE those post. I have slacked on my skin care and have some things (sun/brown spots) I am not thrilled with either. You always look good btw!


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