quit throwing patsy in the air already.

catching up…

here’s the shark toasting a saturday night marshmallow next to the new fire pit pants just built on our patio. i’m nervous.

a couple weeks ago pants took sharkey with him to pick oranges for a group that gives fruit to the homeless. the cute thing was how serious shark was about it (sorry for the bad-quality phone pic):

and um, the following portion of this post is mainly for grandma, sorry.

these two cats just finished a week at VBS, where (among other things) they learned to draw pandas. here’s sky’s (age 9):

and here’s sharkey’s (age 5):

sharkey is still really into ‘realistic’ drawing. here’s his simplified version of the titanic:
this picture is self-explanatory, and makes me laugh:

he is also really into making serifs on his letters, for some reason:

sky is still currently residing in imaginary lands, his drawings fluctuating from sweet penguins to comic characters:


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