there, i guess king george will be able to read that.

we had such a happy 4th! in the morning we went to the parade with some good friends from our old neighborhood, and then spent the afternoon in our newly decked-out backyard with 6 of our pals (one with a delicious baby in tow!) who came down from LA.

badminton! in the backyard! we are sooo 4th of july.

we also played bocce ball, which was so much fun.

the best round was when all the balls ended up in the kiddie pool. we were all laughing sooo hard!  I have no idea why.

this little lovely had a blast running around the yard…precious!

the newlyweds, jill and michael.

miriam and michael.

everyone eating and chillin’ at the new outdoor coffee table that pants literally whipped up in a day.

miss jill gettin’ her game on!

mikey cooked the bulk of our insanely yummy independence day feast, and the rest of us contributed some sides and desserts.

the evening was spent around the firepit eating mikey’s grilled chili-rubbed corn on the cob, trying not to get killed by our neighbor’s fireworks, and posing jill as our own little neon frieda.


here’s what was on the menu…

main dishes (these were all made by michael)

* boerewors, a south african sausage, served with pap en sous (a tomato/onion sauce)* spicy and teriyaki style chicken wings

* bacon blue cheese burgers


* baked beans (made by jill)

* cheesy potatoes (requested by pants, made by me) recipe below* grape leaves served with a mint yogurt sauce (made by mariam)* wasabi arugula salad with michael’s homemade peppercorn ranch dressing

* kicked-up coleslaw (made by me)

* chili-rubbed corn on the cob (we actually forgot to make this, so michael fired up the grill around 6pm-ish and we all had it for a pre-firework evening snack. totally hit the spot and soooo good!)


* s’more cheesecake (made by marissa)* strawberry cream pie (made by jill and i) have you made this yet? you MUST!* snickerdoodles (made by me)

* ice cream


i whipped up some pina coladas (recipe coming soon) and pomegranate iced tea (recipe coming soon), mikey did some cocktails, and we also had vino on hand for the evening. hey, it’s the 4th of july!


4 thoughts on “there, i guess king george will be able to read that.

  1. Anytime you blog about par-taes, I always think “I wanna go!” in a very whiny voice.

    Maybe some day, we'll visit. It would be sooo awes.


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