melancholy is totally incompatible with bicycling

i made these cupcakes in a total rush, and they are definitely not my best work, but i thought i’d post them anyway. we went to a tour de france party on sunday (pants is obsessed), so i had to do the green, yellow, and polka-dot jerseys, which are a big part of the race.
i always double up the liners on my cupcakes because i think it looks better. (the cupcakes are double chocolate filled with butterscotch pudding, topped with a cream cheese frosting and a little fondant jersey.)

i’m also starting to get back into hiking again, and today i went with a new club for a 6-miler in the hills.



2 thoughts on “melancholy is totally incompatible with bicycling

  1. hopefully going this morning. the weather is iffy though. where did you find the club? once a week is perfect.

    and check me out – yesterday I went to a HOT yoga class!

    Never sweated so much in my life!


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