that dark filthy cave is starting to look downright charming.

when we first moved in to this house, i was so excited for the kids to play in the backyard. but apparently they were so used to not having a real one, they both started turning into inside cats whenever we were home. (although we had a huge grassy greenbelt in front of our old house where they played every day, so i don’t really know what the problem was?)

anyway, apparently a few rope swings were all it took!

and yes, i do realize sharkey is not wearing pants. i’m not a miracle worker here.


5 thoughts on “that dark filthy cave is starting to look downright charming.

  1. your backyard looks huge! my kids were just like that – still are! they are more inside kids – hence, no family hiking :( oh well. I still love them.

    I feel like we haven't “talked” forever. Good to see you again :)


  2. i know, i miss you! it's full-on summer mode here – i'm mostly out and about with the kiddos. or working on the house when we are home!
    the yard is a good size for huntington beach, but definitely not that big compared to say, a midwest yard :)


  3. amazing yard!! private but with great entertainment possibilities. The grill is VERY nice. I hesitate to let Jerry my 'grillmaster' see it.


  4. All I have to say is if Sharkey and Emma ever played together, they would be TROUBLE! But they would probably be bestest friends, they're so similar!

    If Pants can craft these amazing pieces of furniture with his own design then clearly, the grill directions were wrong. :)

    I am jealous of your new grill, ours is broken. :(


  5. Oh yeah and I LOVE your curtains. I had looked at those same ones at IKEA but ended up with a black and white print instead. They look great!


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