anybody interested in grabbing a couple burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?


homemade waffles + new lego pirates of the carribean xbox game = happy saturday morning. (the game is super cute, but the lego harry potter game is still my all-time personal favorite of the lego video game series. yes, i am a 35-year-old woman and i play video games. what of it?)

of course my boys can only go so long before they have to act out a few pirate scenes for themselves…

yes. i did it again. i cut my bangs. and i’m not sorry.

my little scorekeeper.


4 thoughts on “anybody interested in grabbing a couple burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?

  1. Heh. My bangs had FINALLY grown out. I reached my goal. And then I went and got them cut again. I don't regret it one bit – in fact, I went with some heavy, blunt bangs (which I'd never really done before) and I'm making a full commitment to keeping bangs this time. If I ever whine about growing them out again, everyone has permission to slap me.

    We are lucky. We look awesome with bangs. ;)


  2. you are so stinkin'cute with or without bangs.
    Are you and Shark playing PIGMANIA???
    Our fam used to play that all the time! i don't think any of us have the game anymore. I wonder- do they still sell/make it?


  3. t, yes they still sell pass the pigs/pigmania! ah, memories…but they still have it around – we actually just got that little set at target a few months back :)

    nikki, hey, how are you! i am firmly in the bang camp again too, at least till i change my mind again :) are you still blogging?


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