i hold a cornucopia and a golden crown

we moved. pants got shingles two days before starting a new job. i lost five pounds. sky has been a nightmare. sharkey currently has chicken pox. i spent the last 2 holidays caring for sick people. pants is in china for 2 weeks with his new job. we really like our new place. the backyard is gorgeous. trying to hurry up and decorate since friends are coming to stay next week. pictures of the inside of the house coming next. really wish we had family here to help. been staying up late reading harry potter books for stress relief. i could go on.

yes, it’s been a little nutso here. but man, do i love our backyard…
sharkey was a big help during the move.
and his mother’s day gift from preschool makes me smile sooo much:
our new front gate.
only calm on the outside during the big move.
easter still snuck in there somehow.sky’s easter card to my folks:and sharkey’s. is it just me, or does sharkey have really neat handwriting for a just-turned-five-year-old? wanna see something gross? shingles, baby.
which gave my baby chicken pox. thanks, pants.
doesn’t seem to bother him much.


6 thoughts on “i hold a cornucopia and a golden crown

  1. LOVE the new backyard and can't wait to see more of the house. Do you know what the flowering bushes are? They are GORGEOUS along the fence!


  2. so sorry about the shingles and chicken pox outbreak! that reminds me of my mom…who, in 1977, moved from arizona to montana. with all 3 of us kids (ages 5,3,and 2 yrs old). all 3 of us had chicken pox (!!!). Dont know how she…or you, did it. Congrats on the new house…your yard is awesome! enjoy!


  3. only you would manage to still look cute while moving :)

    the boys looks like they are loving the new backyard too. wish I could be there for selfish reasons though – the sunshine!!

    keep you chin up. this too shall pass.


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