that disco dancer is courthouse approved

what, you don’t accessorize like this when you go to the grocery store?or put marker on your face and then go around the neighborhood telling everyone you have a black eye? or tell your mom to leave you alone when you’re trying to take your 3pm coffee break?

wow, i’m really bad at keeping up with this blog! here are a few catch-up pictures of some kitchen happenings from the last few weeks…

i was eating lots of brown rice/veggie/meat combos for awhile because i couldn’t come up with any other gluten and dairy-free lunch ideas.

then i let myself have a few breakfast sammies for old times sake.

i made a curry a few weeks back, which sharkey and i loved and pants and sky did not.(the secret is in the cranberries – you plump them for ten minutes in hot water before serving.)

pants and sky did enjoy my homemade gluten-free brownie dessert, though.

last week i was in the mood for some old favorites. like taco salad.

and fries.i love making pants fun little things, like his absolute favorite dessert – angel food cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. (yes, his actual name is andy. or technically, andypants.)

and i may or may not have made a super delicious double-layer cheesecake last week.

which was sooo good, but totally killed my dairy-sensitive tummy. so now it’s back to things like this instead:


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