grease monkey, ex-junky, winner of the fight

this girl?

is still tired. i just got back from my trip to michigan for micheal and jill’s wedding! i was slightly nervous to leave the boys for 3 days, but apparently pants (and the multiple lists i left him) managed to keep the kids alive.

i landed in michigan late thursday eve with my pal marissa, and after getting lost several times (in the airport trying to find each other…twice trying to find the hotel…aaand even in the actual hotel, trying to find our room. i was like, peeing my pants laughing so hard by the time we finally got to our room), we grabbed a late saint patty’s day dinner at slow’s barbecue in detroit. it was sooo good.
friday i spent the day with my fam, trying to soak in as much as i could of my sweet little niece that i hardly ever get to see:she is so funny. and likes to wear lipstick to lunch.
on friday night i went to michael and jill’s rehearsal dinner and then a bunch of us went out to a fun little bar in detroit:btw, espresso stout? delicious.
saturday morning a group of us (including nervous mikey) went to the cutest brunch place:and this is where i died. they only serve crepes, and that savory crepe i had? was the BEST thing i ever ate. (oh yeah, um, i’ve totally been cheating on my diet for the last week. i know. but i was getting really cranky! and then i was on vacation! i am back on track now, promise…)
anywho, after a little drive around detroit:
(love the casino sign with the church steeple behind it)
…it was wedding time! the ceremony was so sweet and i cried buckets because i’m a big old baby. this is me and my pal janice (she’s one of jill’s friends from LA) before the wedding: and the reception was amazing – they had it at the henry ford museum. the dance floor was under an airplane, need i say more?this is my good friend carmel. man, i miss this cat. we were basically in hysterics the entire reception. so…business as usual for us. and my friend laura. i wish we got to hang more, and um, why aren’t you here visiting us yet? pants and i so miss being constantly cracked up by her.and i have no words for this: in addition to dinner and cupcakes:
they also had coney dogs and a popcorn bar later in the night:
after dinner, we all ended up throwing off our shoes and wandering the museum. it was so fun!
the now-married jill: i had a great time seeing old friends and hanging out with some new ones, like marissa who i shared a room with. and speaking of which, here’s a gratuitous shot of the dearborn inn where we stayed. fancy!


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