i plead the fifth.

IMG_4418this little soldier turns five tomorrow. FIVE. did I say soldier?  I meant jawa.

sharkey is totally into star wars right now (specifically the jawa guys), so we just turned the living room into a star wars playfest, and sharkey spent the entire night before the party setting up all his bases, ships, and star wars guys just so. this worked out great – the kids at the party were so content playing in the living room with the toys almost the whole time, which was awesome.
we made our own pizzas, and they colored pictures that sky drew for them. the kids LOVED the pictures he did! they all chose to color those instead of the regular star wars coloring pages we had.

i told sky i was impressed he put the letters and words on the pictures. his reply, ‘well, they’re preschoolers. they need to know this stuff.’ ha.

sharkey’s favorite gift was a little stuffed panda that makes sounds and you can feed it with a bottle. (we ended up getting sky one, too. and they’ve both been carrying them around ever since.)



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