and also, i fancy, you’ll find a golden ring.

i haven’t showered in 2 days.

it’s actually been a long couple of weeks. emotionally exhausting (pants’ sister was in a car accident and his grandma’s health is failing), i’ve had some major dental troubles (don’t ask), and we are now officially a one-car family, which tends to make things a little busier in general. so i feel my shower time has gotten lost in the mix, and all i can seem to manage computer-wise is a few snippets on facebook here and there. and did i mention sweet sharkey was waking up, oh, every hour at night this past week?

this little cat. he used to just wake up super early (like, 4:30-5am early), but i gave him a digital alarm clock and told him he can’t come out of his room unless the first number on the clock is a ‘6’. he actually loves this, by the way. thinks it’s such a fun game…that first morning he checked that thing so many times! it was really cute.

so now that we are solving the early bird prob, here comes another one. i think he is waking up a lot because of a nightmare he had last week. (he has a re-occurring dream that E.T.’s hands are touching his face. i almost want to laugh, but then i remember that as a kid, i was deathly terrified that disney’s goofy was roaming our halls at night.) so neither he nor i are getting much sleep lately.on an unrelated note, sharkey also dipped his toe in my coffee cup this morning. sigh.

but good things are on the horizon…my folks are coming out in a few days, my hair is growing faster than i realized (although my bangs are rebelling), and the sun is out again. i didn’t mind the rain though, i must admit.


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