mother nature’s matinee

(sharkey, helping chop in the kitchen with a butter knife)

two meal plans in a row, if you can believe it! once again, i made pants’ help me, and here’s what we came up with for this week:

saturday (today)
vegetable soup, butterscotch pudding

chicken pockets made with champagne chicken, green salad
(this is a yummy recipe from my friend mary beth, and i had forgotten about it for a long time. pants’ loves it, so i’m gonna kick it up a bit and make it for him. i’ll post the recipe later in the week.)

french onion soup, apple tarts
(french onion has always been my favorite soup, so a couple weeks ago i made some from scratch without a recipe, and it was easier than i thought and really delicious!)

hamburgers, cheesy potatoes, homemade ‘soda’
(i HATE regular soda and never buy it, so the kids are really into making their own version – we just mix a little berry fruit juice or frozen juice concentrate with sparkling water, and they think it is the BEST treat.)

rosemary chicken with lemon garlic pasta

omelets (with bacon and leftover veggies from the week), orange julius’
chicken gyros
(we had these last week but they were so good we want to make them again! i made a double batch of the pita bread dough and froze it, so it should be easier, too. also, my folks are coming into town and i wanted to give them a good meal. i am on the hunt this week for good gluten-free pitas for my mom and sky.)


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