autumn boys

pants is nice. and makes me things like this:
yum. he also has been helping me meal plan the last couple of weeks. this is a first for him, but i LOVE having help with it – for some reason, i can plan a menu for a huge party or event in just a few minutes, but the thought of having to come up with 5-7 meals for the week just for our little family leaves me lying on the floor in a puddle of cold sweat.
or more accurately, i get totally overwhelmed by planning out ALL the meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the four of us), when they aren’t all the same. (sky is back on the gluten-free diet, is EXTREMELY picky, and takes a lunch to school, for example.) so it’s kind of a pain figuring it all out for the week by myself.
anyway. we won’t mention how i had to guilt/beg/twist pants’ arm to get him to help me with this, but in the end, all i had to say was the magic words: ‘you know, if we meal plan, it will save us a lot of money!’ and then he was totally on board. hee hee.

** oh, and i meant to post this on the weekend, but didn’t have time, so that’s why it starts on saturday.

pants made kabobs on the grill (kielbasa, green peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, red onion) with rice, and we had pumpkin-eggnog pie for dessert. (i just added a little eggnog to my pie batter, and it made it sooo delicious!)sunday
i made chicken gyros with homemade pita bread yesterday, and we had apple crumble pie for dessert. (guess i was in a pie-making mood last week!)
it’s really rainy and chilly here today, so i’m thinking some sort of comforting cheesy mexican burritos or enchilada bake.

(i will admit that sometimes i just buy a pre-made one, or i use the recipe from my old worn red-and-white checkered betty crocker cookbook. but my favorite lasagna is the ‘best lasagna ever’ from pioneer woman – so delicious!)

chicken salad on homemade rolls (this is the first time i’ve made these particular rolls – i’ll post the recipe if they turn out!)

breakfast for dinner

pizza margherita (gosh, i love this pizza so much! i HIGHLY recommend making these in individual sizes for an informal party or weekend with friends.)


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