Christmas 2010

5:45am.  yikes ;)

sharkey’s most prized possession was this little remote-control dog he’s had his eye on. forget the myriad of games, the toy story train, the nerf gun, and the huge criss-cross car track we got him…he really just cared about this dog. which has a pink leash and collar, by the way.

and a few randoms of a happy kid…



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. at least sharkey's puppy doesn't pee all over the floor like ours : ) They do however look alike. Yours sounds easier to take care of though!!

    Great pics of sky too. his eyes are amazing.


  2. hee hee, puppy pee…i took the pix of the kiddos' faces with the really nice camera our friend loaned us – i am hoping to take more with it this week…


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