hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in the wizarding world.

i am officially partied out. at least for this week. we had sky’s harry potter-themed ninth birthday party here on saturday morning, and then that night i jetted up to LA to attend a holiday party my good pals mikey and jill were throwing. which was sooo fun, by the way. (and the food! mikey outdid himself, as usual. there was chocolate-drizzled bacon, need i say more?)

i stayed overnite at jill’s place so i wouldn’t have to drive home late, and it was definitely a much-needed quick little getaway for me, especially since the last couple weeks have been so crazy around here, not to mention all the time that went into planning sky’s party. i have to admit, one of the most content moments i’ve had in a long time was when i woke up early sunday morning and stood alone in her kitchen drinking green tea for awhile, enjoying the absolute QUIET, just watching the sun shine through the slats in the window blinds. ahhhh.

i did feel a little guilty leaving on saturday night (even though i was coming back in the morning), but i shouldn’t have worried – the kids barely noticed i was gone since pants was here with them and they were way too busy playing with all of sky’s birthday presents from the party, anyway.

speaking of which…on to hogwarts!

sky’s party was SO much fun! sky loved all the little harry potter details we tried to incorporate. here are the ‘scroll’ invitations we made. (i stained paper with coffee, then let it dry. giving credit where it’s due, pants suggested ripping the edges and mikey said to add burn marks for an aging effect.)

and here’s the rundown of what we did at the party…

i always like to have a hands-on activity when the kids walk in the door, so right away we had owl-making class, where we crafted owls out of feathers and balloons.

the kids also decorated their wands they got at the wand-choosing ceremony. (pants made the wands out of dowel rods and then sanded them down a bit.)

we emphasized that our house was hogwarts school, so as ‘students’ the kids needed to obey the rules and not get too crazy. they actually were really well-behaved! well, except for one cute little naughty student…

the sorting hat decided which hogwarts ‘house’ the kids would belong to, and then they got a corresponding badge and wizard hat. (the hats were just a bunch of black witch hats i got for super cheap after halloween, and i just made the ‘sorting hat’ from an old trader joes’ paper bag turned inside-out.)

sharkey was sooo into this party, it was hysterical. even the night before when i was putting up some of the decorations, he could barely contain himself.

then it was on to potions class in the kitchen!

we did three ‘potion’ experiments, and i labeled all the jars with fun names like ‘liquid dragon’s heart’, ‘powdered unicorn horn’, etc. we first made edible glass (sugar, hot water, and food coloring on a tray, then freeze a few minutes).

next was polyjuice potion (in cauldrons – another post-halloween purchase! – we mixed together baking soda and a little water, then add colored vinegar).

then we made an aging ball (mix a little warm water and borax together, then add glue and cornstarch and form into a ball). the kids LOVED doing the experiments, and we spent a long time working on our ‘potions’!

after that, we went outside for a few quick games of find the snitch, and then it was pizza time in the great hall. (we decorated the ceiling with the famed ‘floating candles’ – paper candles hung with dental floss.)

we played the beginning of the first harry potter movie while they ate, which the kids really liked. sky and i also concocted a ‘potion punch’ (7up, fruit punch, sherbet) at the table while pants was getting their plates ready, and served it in glass goblets, and the kids LOVED this!

after lunch, we did mandrake throwing (water balloons aimed at paper pots on the fence), gift opening, and then cake. sky asked for hogwarts castle out of cake, but please remember, i am NOT a cake decorator! the piping job was sooo messy and the base of the cake seemed to resemble hagrid’s hut more than a castle, but sky really loved it, so i guess that’s what counts!

despite apparently not being able to stand the singing at his own birthday party, it turned out to be a really fun day and sky was really, really happy!


6 thoughts on “hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in the wizarding world.

  1. do you know how many moms are officially mad at you now!! how do you top that party?

    serious fun. good times. I can see why you needed to get away after all that though and, I hate that guilty feeling whenever I try to have fun : )


  2. WOW – that is AWESOME. Everything was so creative and so cool!!!

    And, can we talk about YOU for one second? The photo of you in that adorable red dress and the belt (Anthropologie, right??) and the cardigan? And the hair? You look fresh off the set of a fashion shoot!


  3. thanks girls, it's so fun to do theme parties for kids!
    and nikki, i believe you just made my day…although if it were up to sky, i'd have been dressed head-to-toe like professor mcgonagall :)


  4. I would kill for your creative imagination. Why not go into biz for yourself as a party planner? you would be super good at it. And you cook and bake too! you are a one stop party maker!! (the cake was amazing regardless of what you think.)


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