i love muffin tops. don’t you?

Saturday at a Halloween party, sky got so grossed out by the put-your-hand-in-cold-noodles-for-brains game that he immediately threw up on the host’s floor.  yuck.
but trick-or-treating with our friends was a blast!  especially in the super cool ‘professional’ halloween neighborhood.  star wars!!


3 thoughts on “i love muffin tops. don’t you?

  1. I do love your sweet muffin top : ) Wow, so much in this post. That was a WAY cool Star Wars display. Holy Cow! And, I cannot believe that you have your Christmas tree up!! I still can't believe that it is November!! You are Christmas people. And, leave the five pounds ON your body – you look good : )


  2. You look beautiful — don't change a thing! Seriously, you need to stop worrying about it — let your mind rest, girlfriend!
    Christmas tree??! Are you crazy?? Do you put it away the day after Christmas?
    Love the pix — been waiting for them all week :)


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