those earrings don’t really go with my centaur.

riding the coattails of my last post, i have to say this week has been so much better with sky. pants and i both (separately) came to the same conclusion – that we just need to be more patient with sky, make sure he is eating every two hours (this makes a WORLD of difference for him!), and we are trying to give him lots of individual attention. it seems to be working.

so…lately sky and i have been bonding over all things, well, mythical. he’s been really into drawing dragons/mythical creatures lately (ok, i admit – we both have been really into it!), and our library bag is filled with stories of greek gods, persian dragons, and numerous folklore creatures. seriously, these books are so interesting! i have found out all sorts of useful information…like medusa is the mother of pegasus, that every country has their own form of dragon, and that orcs did not actually originate from a tolkien book. i know. we’re geeks.

sometimes i’ll say to sky, ‘you know these are just stories, right?’ and he’ll roll his eyes and answer, ‘yeah, no kidding, mom.‘ i don’t know why i even ask, since this is the kid who was so cynical even as a three-year-old he could never even bring himself to believe in santa clause. so i guess i don’t have to worry about him differentiating fact from fiction.

(ps – this does not negate the fact that i personally believe dinosaurs still exist and that there actually is a loch ness monster…but that’s a whole other post.)


3 thoughts on “those earrings don’t really go with my centaur.

  1. first i want to tell you that your post titles absolutely crack me up.
    second, not having children myself, i sympathize with any parent having connection issues with their kids but such joy when they hit on the right equation. i seriously don't know how any parent can do it without each child unit coming with a users manual.
    in my prayers- T


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