Whip It

it all started simply enough. see, tomorrow night i start my cake decorating classes, so a few days ago i figured i could get a jump start by practicing a few things on my own. i had already bought my new fancy decorator set, so i whipped up a few cake balls to decorate, made a batch of homemade buttercream icing, and bought some candy melts:with cake balls, you basically just make a cake, chop it up into a bowl (i know – so weird) and mix it with frosting, then roll it into little balls. after you freeze them a few minutes so they harden up, you spoon melted candy melts over the balls, and then you can decorate them. no prob, right? as always, the one step that was supposed to be super easy was a real pain in the butt for me. i had no problems making the cake and icing, or even teaching myself how to do some simple decorative piping. no, the one thing i couldn’t do was get those darn candy melts to melt correctly. all i needed was to spoon a little over the cake balls, but for some reason, the melted white chocolate candy consistency was just way too thick. so i decided to scratch that batch, make up some more cake balls, and try again. (which required another trip to the grocery store, by the way.) after getting everything baked and ready, those stupid melts wouldn’t work AGAIN. i tried adding vegetable oil, melting them different ways, etc. they just would NOT work. the little balls were supposed to be smooth, but instead ended up looking like this, which was NOT what i wanted:not super horrible after i decorated them, but because they were so lumpy it was almost impossible to get a consistent piping line:so i gave up and decided to make ANOTHER new batch and just cover them with some homemade fondant instead of using the melts. (grocery trip #3.) a happy note about this whole debacle is that i realized i LOVE working with fondant. i actually went a little overboard and went into an obsessed fondant craze for oh, like two days straight, where i barely even came out of the kitchen…but that’s a whole other post. so my cake balls were finally smooth, but i was disappointed because i really wanted to use the melted white chocolate. but they were kind of cute: by this point, pants was going out of his way to avoid talking to me, since every single sentence i was uttering started with, ‘my cake balls…’ you can only imagine the one-liners he was coming up with. anyway. i still wanted cake balls covered with melted white chocolate, dammit! i decided to try ONE LAST TIME just using some plain white chocolate chips instead of those hateful candy melts. (yes, that would be grocery trip #4.) and heaven help me, but IT WORKED. those little white chocolate chips melted like a charm (in the microwave, no less!), i finally had smooth-covered cake balls, and i could pipe my little heart out on top. which i did. and apparently, my heart looks like a bird:or a tree:or…an octopus? oh, and somewhere in there i made a bunch of sugar cookies, and i may or may not have made two cakes and covered them entirely in fondant…yeah, i know. i need help. ps – these little cupcake papers i put the cake balls in are SO CUTE (and available for like two bucks at michael’s): pps – ignore my grocery list on my hand. yes, it says ‘candy melts’. sigh, if only i knew then what i know now…


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