he hates these cans. stay away from the cans.

there’s a lot of harry potter going on around here. the other day sky dragged a bunch of our biggest books outside (without my knowledge, of course) for him and the neighbor kids to use in ‘potions class’. love sharkey’s ‘harry’ glasses.sky was just poring over this dictionary, which made me laugh.
look at this cat, thinking how cool he is lounging in a tree with his neighborhood posse. he’s probably thinking about his next latte fix. this guy loves lattes. wait, that’s probably bad, isn’t it?
the creativity has been flowing in this house. for me, it’s mostly been in the kitchen, and sky is still going full speed ahead on making his lego stop-motion movies. he actually started a new blog to show his movies on, so once we have a few more edited, i’ll shout out a link. sky is also doing a day camp this week in (what else?) making lego animation movies! sharkey told me he wasn’t going to mix the colors. sky told me he wasn’t going to paint on himself. kids are liars.sky also made a lego board game yesterday. per the usual, he made up all the rules, resulting in him winning and me never even coming close.


4 thoughts on “he hates these cans. stay away from the cans.

  1. You're kids are the coolest, even if they are big, fat liars, liars, pants are on fire!!

    Actually I find liar children very comical. Because they're not my children and they have no idea how bad they are at it. The lies get funnier the more you call them out on it.


  2. 'liar children' – that makes me laugh :)
    sky is practically abe lincoln since he's usually such a stickler for the truth…sharkey, on the other hand, loves to tell me something and then 10 minutes later after i've totally believed him, say 'oh, i was just kidding!'


  3. ok, it is settled – you have the cutest kids ever!! so fun. I am still open to the trade. I'll I do is drive my kids to and fro right now : (


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